Florida Douchebag

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Florida Douchebag
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Traditional Depiction of FL Douchebag


Prank Call Victim




Winter Park, Florida


mid to-late 20s





Florida Douchebag (real name: Dwayne) is a prank call victim who was discovered by DJDoucheBagCaliin in the summer of 2011. The victim had been receiving calls prior to his "official" call from Tiesha but these were either deleted or never uploaded.


During the Tiesha call, Florida Douchebag briefly explained the situation as an overly sophisticated prank call involving conference calling, spoofing, and "some kind of Google thing". Believing that this third person was simply listening in on the call, the victim ended the call by calling the prankster's mother "a sloppy whore".[1]

Moments later, Florida Douchebag was called back with a soundboard of his own voice in addition to Tiesha and Pissed-Off Telemarketer. The final call was with Deputy Martin. Shortly afterwards, the prankster used the Florida Douchebag soundboard to "call his favorite pizza joint (Prime Pizza) to warn them of the prank calls". The employee, already well aware of the calls, amusingly explained soundboard prank calling to the soundboard.[1]


  • "This is Dwayne."
  • "Listen I'm not gonna to spend time explaining everything to you. Alls I have to say is you've been p-, you've been a, you've gotten a spoof call from somebody who's listening to us right now. H-he's a Google. He does some kind of Google thing. ONE day he's gonna get caught and he's gonna get in trouble. He think's it's funny. He's actually listening to us talk right now. He connects both of our phone numbers, he yells at you, and then he makes you call me or I don't know how it happens but then you end up callin' me."
  • "Do you know how many times I get these calls? The guy's a jerk. Good luck with it because now he's gonna call you all the time too."
  • "That's fine because one of these days .. dude if you can hear me, if you can hear me talkin', remember your mom's a sloppy whore."

Prank Calls[edit]

Date Title Caller Victim Notes Ref.
2011 Original call to Florida Douchebag Florida Douchebag Original call is considered lost.
June 24, 2011 Tiesha and FL Douchebag call the Florida Douchebag DJDoucheBagCaliin Florida Douchebag [1]