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Duncan Discussion was a soundboard prank call website created by Jack Inoff in January 2014, it lasted until March 2015. The name was in reference to a line used by Charles in the first-ever prank call to A to Z Pawn. It is the latest in a series of websites intended to provide an online home for the Soundboard Prank Call Community.[1]

The website offeed the first internet forum for soundboard fans and pranksters since Realm of Darkness closed its forums in June 2012. Registration is required to access the website's message boards although it was originally open to members of the public. Within five months of the website's launch, however, the forums were made private due to it being overwhelmed by automated spammers. As a consequence, soundboard fans and other lurkers were preventing from browsing as well.

In February 2014, Fortunecookiesucks was able to contact Satanic Racist via the forum, and was able to talk to him for the very first time.[2] The conversation lasted nearly an hour but was quickly removed by YouTube.

That same month, a forum member discovered Rick the Mullet Man's phone-number and address, posting the link. Another forum-member briefly talked to the victim about buying an AR-15. This would make this the first call to Rick in over four years. In late March 2015, Duncan Discussion was taken down by a hacker and the original site was lost. The forum was promptly reinstated elsewhere[3], however, it lasted for a brief time before closing.

A new forum for the soundboard community, using the "Duncan Discussion" name, was established on Voat in January 2018. It is named in honor of the website, however, it has no connection with the original owners.[4]

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