Drunk Newsman

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Drunk Newsman
Drunk Newsman.png
Revolverocelot2501's Depiction of Drunk Newsman


Prank Call Victim


Journalist and film producer




early to-mid 50s





Drunk Newsman is a prank call victim who was discovered by Flazz684 in 2011. The original call was lost when the Flazz closed his YouTube account, however, he seems to have been called by an angry female who accused the victim of calling her house and waking up her children. Prior to the call, the newsman had been calling a news station (possibly CBS) and claimed to be in the film industry. He initially belived the caller was calling about a classified ad he had placed for a "movie partner". A victim soundboard still exists, being featured on Realm of Darkness in October 2011, and has since been used by a number of YouTube pranksters.


  • "Hello?"
  • "Yes good evening."
  • "I'm very good."
  • "Eh .. yeah who's there?"
  • "And who are YOU?"
  • "Are you calling about my ad?"
  • "What'd I do? Who am I talking to?"
  • "I'm lookin' for a movie partner."
  • "Are you .. is this CBS?"
  • "Is this the news?"
  • "Is this news or .. have I got somebody else?"
  • "Well, I'm trying to get the news..."
  • "Listen, I don't like to talk dirty on the phone. I'm in the movie business. If you're not in the movie business, hang up."
  • "I don't need to have your mouth running off."
  • "Well I can't understand you ma'am."
  • "Pardon me but it's 2:30 in the morning on the West Coast."
  • "Well I guess I woke some people up."
  • "I-I-I'm sorry. I didn't mean to wake em' up."
  • "Listen lady, I've been on this phone all night about a news story."
  • "I'm big enough to handle you."
  • "Can I have your phone number?"
  • "Do you GOT my number?"
  • "Well give me your phone number. How am I gonna call you when I get to New York if I don't know who you are?"
  • "How am I gonna get in touch with you if you don't know who you are?"
  • "Give me your phone number and I'll CONSIDER you."
  • "Bye-bye hun."

Prank Calls[edit]

Date Title Caller Victim Notes Ref.
2011 Original call to Drunk Newsman Flazz684 Drunk Newsman Original call is considered lost.
October 30, 2011 Special Vengence 2: Recalling the Irresponsible People Revolverocelot2501 Male victim [1]
January 16, 2012 Telemarketer Revenge 37: The Vacation is OVER!! Revolverocelot2501 Various [2]
March 19, 2012 Special Vengence 9: Pay your bills *not* (part the fifth) Revolverocelot2501 Various [3]
April 25, 2013 Special Vengence 2: Recalling the Irresponsible People Revolverocelot2501 Male victim [4]


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