Drunk Guy calls Rick the Mullet Man

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Drunk Guy Calls Rick The Mullet Man
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Soundboard(s) used

Drunk Guy


Rick the Mullet Man



Rick the Mullet Man gets a call from the Drunk Guy.


[*phone rings*]
Rick the Mullet Man: Hello?
Drunk Guy: Who the fuck are you?
Rick the Mullet Man: (long pause) Did you call..[unintelligible]
Drunk Guy: Who in the hell is this!?
Rick the Mullet Man: [unintelligible]..County Police Department.
Drunk Guy: I'm not askin' you shit.
Rick the Mullet Man: (pause) Look Frank ... I'm not gonna' put up with your bullshit, ok?
Drunk Guy: I am writing music. I'm going to be a successful musician an' then I'm gonna' say "fuck all you people". Fuck you. (pause) You fucker!
Rick the Mullet Man: Hey eat me you cocksucker.
Drunk Guy: You can fuckin' bite my fuckin' ass.
Rick the Mullet Man: (laughs) You fuckin' drunk hoosier. I'm gonna call the police again, you motherfucker you.
Drunk Guy: Well, fuck you stranger!
Rick the Mullet Man: (sighs) What am I gonna' do with you Frank? You..[unintelligible]
Drunk Guy: You son of a bitch! (pause) Don't say "howdy stranger" to me. My fuckin' Daddy was a fuckin' dick, didn't believe [in me] in anything, and that why I am the way I am today.
Rick the Mullet Man: Well listen here. I went down to the police and they are checkin' my phone records to make sure I didn't call you, and uh, they said a lot of times that people will get calls from salesmen, bill collectors, and they block out their number by putting in another number. I never called you .. tonight until YOU started this bullshit you fuckin' hoosier you. I am gonna' have you a fuckin' arrested. Do you get that? Do you..[unintelligible]
Drunk Guy: Oh no, no, no, no, no.
Rick the Mullet Man: -fuckin' fuckin... (pause) Go smoke another Marlboro, you motherfucker!
Drunk Guy: Oh no, no, no, no, no.
Rick the Mullet Man: [unintelligible]..drink another fuckin' beer you son of a bitch. Because when you go to fuckin' jail for harassing people you're not gonna' get any fuckin' Marlboros or any fuckin' beer. You got that you stupidson of a bitch?
Drunk Guy: Fuck you.
Rick the Mullet Man: Fuck you!
Drunk Guy: Well...fuck you!
Rick the Mullet Man: Go to bed, you stupid...Hoosier...mother...fucker! [*hangs up*]
Drunk Guy: You son of a bitch!

[End of call]