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Dr. Frank Garret
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Doctor, place unknown








unknown (possibly deceased or divorced)



Dr. Frank Garrett was a doctor in Alaska who shares his name with the most famous prank call victim of all time. He was called by the Jesus Lady, and when she said his name and accused him of calling her business, he responded with an in-depth and mostly accurate explanation of the prank calling community. He claimed that there was a construction worker in Oklahoma with the same name as him who was a victim of "a bunch of kids" prank calling him, who would record his voice and then use it to prank call other people. His knowledge of the community was surprisingly in-depth for a person who had (supposedly) never been prank called before (likely because other people had called him accusing him of prank calling them in the past), however, he did incorrectly identify Duncan's hometown as Stillwater, Oklahoma, when it was actually Stilwell.

The mystery was finally solved in August 2013 when SpammingorSpoofing reuploaded a lost call and provided details on the forgotten call series.

A call was made to his former workplace by myself trying to prank him but according to his colleagues he, too, had passed away sometime in 2012.

Prank Calls[edit]

Date Title Caller Victim Notes Ref.
September 15, 2008 Duncan Calls Frank Garrett DavieDave59 Dr. Frank Garrett Original call. [1]
2008 Dunkan calls Dr. G. again, with some help from the Student N/A Dr. Frank Garrett [2]
2008 Dunkan calls his favorite chiropractor once again N/A Dr. Frank Garrett Lost call
2008 The Jesus Lady calls Dr. Frank Garrett Fortunecookiesucks Dr. Frank Garrett Original call. [3]


Frank "Duncan" Garrett
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