Downtown Adult Books

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Downtown Adult Books
Photograph of Downtown Adult Books


Prank Call Victim Location

Associated Victim(s)

Birmingham Redneck


2731 8th Ave. N.
Birmingham, Alabama

Additional Info

has a pornographic movie theater in the back room

Downtown Adult Books Inc. is a pornographic bookstore located at 2731 8th Ave. N. (also known since 2008 as Reverend Abraham Woods Jr. Blvd.) in the Central City neighborhood of Birmingham, Alabama. It is the Birmingham Redneck's place of employment and the place where he has been the victim of multiple nightly prank calls.

The location has also been called by the Satanic Racist on one occasion. The Birmingham Redneck was apparently not working at the time and the prankster ended up talking to one of his coworkers, who challenged the prankster to come down and fight him.[1]

In May of 2012, a member of the now-defunct Realm of Darkness forum visited Downtown Adult Books. He reported that the Birmingham Redneck sits behind a glass booth while at the counter and that the bookstore has a pornographic movie theater in the back room, which costs $10 to enter and that you can hear the sounds of the porn flick being screened throughout the store.

In a recent call to the business, an employee has revealed that the business has been receiving about 5 calls everyday from a prank caller, though these calls have never been posted and it is unknown if The Birmingham Redneck was victim to any of these calls.

Much like any known prank location, many amatuer copy cat prank callers have moved in and annoy the business on a regular basis. The employees seem to have become used to it, much like Fred Herbert's employees.

Supposedly it is now out of business according to its facebook page.

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