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Douglas Quaid 618
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Douglas Quaid 618 was a legendary YouTube prank caller who utilized the Arnold Schwarzenegger soundboard. His calls were known for their simplistic yet hilarious lines, creative usage of the Arnold soundboard, and his quick and rapid-fire responses. Douglas Quaid 618's contributions to the upkeeping of the Arnold soundboard were valued highly by the prank call community, he being considered by many to be one of the most popular and proficient users of it.

A recurring theme of Douglas Quaid 618's calls would be to introduce himself abruptly and bluntly as "Douglas Quaid. 6:18" referencing lines from the popular films Total Recall and Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, the latter of which with the "-PM" cut off. This lead to much confusion as to the significance of the "6:18", befuddling many of his victims.

April 2012 Controversy[edit]

On Thursday, 5 April 2012, Douglas Quaid 618 closed down his YouTube account, with no reason given by him.[1]

Later that day Douglas Quaid 618 was featured in two local news channels, ABC Channel Five[2] and ABC Albuquerque[3], where it was reported that he had conference-called three police operators together on one line and was undergoing a subsequent investigation by the local police as a result of this - having repeatedly called 242-COPS (242-2677) several times.

Following initial speculation, it was later confirmed that a special investigation had been opened by the police to track Douglas Quaid 618 down.[4] The Albuquerque Police Department's technology division managed to trace the prank calls to a location in Albuquerque, New Mexico. However, officers dispatched to this location found no trace of Douglas Quaid 618, it being revealed that they had obtained a false address instead.[5]

The progress of the investigation is unknown and likely not active any longer.

[Transcript of Douglas Quaid 618's ill-fated call, released by the Albuquerque police]

  • Dispatcher: Hello, sir? Are you in need of the Albuquerque police?
  • Caller: Yeah.
  • Dispatcher: OK, what's going on?
  • Caller: I don't know.
  • Dispatcher: What do you mean what's going on? You need police?
  • Caller: People are trying to kill me! Yes!
  • Dispatcher: We have Arnold Schwarzenegger on the line.
  • Dispatcher: Yeah. People are trying to kill me. It's a line running from a movie.
  • Caller: Yeah, that's right, what's the matter?
  • Caller: Who is your daddy and what does he do?
  • Dispatcher: Uh, sir, this is the police department, I'm not here to socialize with you.
  • Caller: Why not?
  • Dispatcher: If you need the police, if you need the police I need to know what you need.
  • Caller: Arnold Schwarzenegger!

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