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Donna Pope's Neighbor
Traditional depiction of Donna Pope's Neighbor


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One son



Donna Pope's Neighbor (real name Julie Wiggins) is the neighbor of Donna Pope, who lives right across the woods from her and Donna often uses her phone with and without her permission. She is a lady to start with.

Call history[edit]

She was tricked into believing Donna Pope had made several drunken calls on her telephone. She was later called back with her own voice, and ironically became one of the slim few victims to ever recognize their own voice.


  • "God bless you, Jesus loves us all."
  • "You know I think of how I love my son, and to think that God could love unconditionally--and as his child--is just so miraculous to me."
  • "I don't know why, or who, called my house from your number, but it wasn't me."
  • "Honey I'm a lady to start with..."
  • "Come here Dutchess...come on baby!"

Prank Calls[edit]

Date Title Caller Victim Notes Ref.
2009 wife beater gets saved over the phone Flazz684 Donna Pope's Neighbor Original call was considered lost.

Reuploaded as "First Call to Donna Pope's Neighbor" on Youtube Dec. 2014.

N/A Donna Pope's Neighbor Calls Donna Pope's Neighbor Flazz684 Donna Pope's Neighbor [1]
N/A Latin Guy, DP's Neighbor, IBM & Racist Redneck Harass a Restaurant Waste668 Male victim [2]
June 2, 2010 Donna Pope's Neighbor Calls Telus Was a Lost call- reuploaded to Youtube Dec. 2014
June 29, 2010 Donna Pope's other neighbor 8DuncanConstruction8 Female victim [3]
July 21, 2010 Epic Crazy Lady + Christian Coalition Call Rehab Center and Prayer Line TheDuncanChrist Female victim [4]
September 30, 2010 Hillbilly Keeps Getting Called By Donna Pope Prankcallaholic Female victim [5]
November 20, 2010 Biscuit Man Calls Donna Pope's Neighbor DPN Prankcallaholic Donna Pope's Neighbor [6]
December 18, 2010 The War With The Annoyed Guy Continues Firstcomingg Male victim [7]
December 23, 2010 DPN's Drunken Christmas Dialing Sonya8989 Various [8]
April 13, 2011 Donna Pope's Neighbor, Jesus Lady & Jake Call Around Town Was a Lost call- reuploaded to Youtube Dec. 2014
September 16, 2011 DPN Calls Funeral Home Prankcallaholic [9]
September 24, 2011 Donna Pope's Neighbor calls PrankVillage Male victim [10]
January 28, 2012 Holiday Head And The Idiot Trucker's Real Name Is... Firstcomingg Idiot Trucker [11]
June 24, 2012 Donna Pope's neighbor and her daughter call Yankeeland Quitspazzin Male victim [12]
October 11, 2012 Donna Pope's Neighbor calls the Stilwell Grandma CommandoRunningMan Stilwell Grandma [13]
October 18, 2012 Donna Pope's Neighbor blesses some Christian ministries Quitspazzin Female victim [14]
October 14, 2017 Donna Pope's Neighbor calls a lady at the nursing home SoundboardCalls Miss Joyce [1]
October 14, 2017 Donna Pope's Neigbor calls a Telemarketer Back SoundboardCalls Male Victim [2]
October 14, 2017 Donna Pope's Neighbor calls two male nurses SoundboardCalls Two Male Victims [3]



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