Disgusting Mother

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Disgusting Mother
White trash mom.jpg
A depiction for Disgusting Mother, for lack of one.




Possibly 40-50 years-old


Enjoys using swear words to rude callers.

The Disgusting Mother is one of the more obscure victims that "The Golden Phone" called. It was temporarily a lost call when Golden Phone closed his accounts, but the original call is now hosted on a fan site by one Golden Phone fan.[1]

The victim's namesake is derived from her usage of scat and sexual jokes to the caller, explicitly inviting "Duncan" to come and "invade her personal space".

Call Content[edit]

The content of the call consists of "Duncan" calling up a mother who is reasonable on the phone, until she is called a "cocksucker". After this provocation, the "Disgusting Mother" demonstrates her affinity for profanity by making scat-sexual remarks and demonstrating a bizarre form of prejudice against black people in her profanity.

She also has a son who is pranked by the resulting soundboard that Golden Phone produced from the Mother. He seems aware of prank calling as he seemingly addresses the caller directly as a male. This is a departure from the usual victim of "themself".


This depiction was found by a simple Google image search for "White Trash Mom" and by uploading the picture shown above. It arguably fits the theme due to the toilet paper roll in the background and the voice seemingly matching person in the photograph.


Disgusting Mother[edit]

  • "You, you want to lick my ass?"
  • "You can kiss my ass and lick it after I take a shit."
  • "Yeah well you can smell my asshole."
  • "Alright well listen here you cocksucking pubic hair motherfucker, you can take a dog and then you can become a (indistinguishable) experimental monkey fuck, and you can take your hog-head, five dollar bastard alligator-head, and fucking gutter whore crack whore and fuck her in the ass and then you can fucking give her a fucking dirty-sanches across the mouth how is that you dirty cocksucking son of a bitch?
  • "Sure am, I'm five-foot-two and weight three hundred and seventy five pounds, I even got big old scabs on my ass." (Duncan asked: "I bet you're an old fat woman aren't you?")
  • "...I'm gonna' go lick this nigger's balls right now I'll talk to you later."

Disgusting Mother's Son[edit]

  • "Alright buddy, you have a good one too, I hope-I hope you die of AIDS or something bye."
  • "Mom I can tell it's you you ignorant bitch."
  • "I got AIDS, come fuck me!!"
  • "Do you really not have a life dude, like seriously?"


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