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Deputy Nelson is a deputy sheriff with the Hancock County, Mississippi Police Department. He was discovered accidentally during TheGoldenPhone's call to the Crazy Business Family. The officer supported the Crazy Businessman's story that the family had not called Duncan. Initially talking to a soundboard of the Crazy Businessman, Deputy Nelson further claimed that he had been in the family's home for 15 minutes and had not seen anyone use the phone. He unsuccessfully attempted to gain further information from "Duncan" and Chris the Hacker who joined in at the end of the call.[1][2]

The fact that he gave little information to Duncan, other than to call the local police department and "ask for Deputy Neff", suggested it may have been one of the family's employees.[1] There is, however, a Deputy Israel F. "Izzy" Neff who is a Hancock County DUI officer. A soundboard was subsequently made of the officer and used with the Crazy Businessman.[3]



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