Deputy Duncan

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Deputy Duncan
Traditional depiction of Deputy Duncan

Real Name

Columbus P. Duncan II


Canine Deputy at Jefferson County, Missouri Sheriff's Office


49 (2015)




De Soto, Missouri


May have one son



Deputy Columbus Duncan is a deputy in Jefferson County, Missouri. In a more recent date, he has become a Canine Deputy for the Jefferson County, Missouri Sheriff's Office. The soundboard played a part in the A Nightmare On Burton Street prank-call series. It remains unknown as to his origin, but his soundboard is often used in prank calls, but not in the frequency as Deputy Martin. Deputy Martin's soundboard is often used to throw the victim off course and convince them that the caller is actually someone who is on the victim's side and is trying to investigate the prank. This, when used in conjunction with a more aggressive soundboard, such as the Satanic Racist or Tom the Pissed Off Roofer, can cause large amounts of confusion on the part of the victim. The call in which he was found is considered lost, however it is thought that a Deputy Martin soundboard was used during the call, considering he said something about Big Daddy's Pizza and knowing of a Deputy Martin.

The original call to Deputy Duncan has been identified as being in a prank called 'Dennis the Drunk vs. The Cops', made MrNismo88 and Prankforever2K9, in which the good lawman converses with Rick the Mulletman and then gets called back by Deputy Martin. On August 5, 2013, the call was re-uploaded by TheZodiacz. [1]


  • "Alright, what's your DSN?"
    Actual likeness of Deputy Duncan.
  • "I said what is your DSN?"
  • "I am a deputy - my name is Deputy Duncan, and I work for the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office."
  • "I am out here at sixty-three-thirty."
  • "We got an emergency call out here... Wh- Who am I speaking to?"
  • "Are you with Jefferson County?"
  • "We're trying to do a patch- through to figure out where this call came from... And, Uh its apparently coming back between your number and his number."
  • "It- it's something in the system that's messed up, Trust me."
  • "Okay, well this is Deputy Duncan, I'm out here at Sixty- three- thirty."
  • "I picked up the phone and said: Hello, And It was you again."
  • "Alright, Have a good evening, hopefully you're not bothered again."
  • "huh?"
  • "Sorry for the inconvenience, alright."
  • "This is about them trying to figure out where the calls are coming from, I told them there was no emergency."
  • "This is Deputy Duncan, We got some messed up calls out here, Who is this?"
  • "Okay this is Deputy Duncan."
  • "I know a Deputy Martin."
  • "No, no, no, we didn't call you, this phone just rang here."
  • "No, no, no... What it is, it's an emergency call and it came through and uh... Somehow a hearing impaired call came through an emergency line to this address."
  • "They said the got ahold of Kimmswick PD and they have no idea where these calls are coming from at this point."
  • "Okay. Very good, have a good evening."
  • "This is Deputy Duncan".
  • "This is Deputy Duncan [with] Jefferson County Sheriff's Office, we came out here because they said there was apperently some sort of emergency call that came through a hearing impaired line- and somehow the numbers got mixed up".
  • "There- there trying to do some sort of patch through".
  • "Big Daddy's Pizza ?"
  • (To another officer) "No, theres no footprints outside or nothing, (Back to caller) "So its not this guy doin' it".
  • "Dispatch is done tryin' to figure out where the calls are comin' from, I told them there was no emergency".
  • "They're tryin to do some kind of a patch- through and its comin' through and dispatch is tryin' to contact the number".

Prank Calls[edit]

Date Title Caller Victim Notes Ref.
Late 2009 or early 2010 Dennis the Drunk Vs. The Cops Mr88Nismo Deputy Duncan [1]
N/A Deputy Duncan and Chris the Hacker call The Mexican Faggot FC2U Mexican Faggot [2]
February 2010 A Nightmare on Burton Street, Part 3 MrNismo88 Michael Shockley [3]
February 11, 2011 Deputy Martin and Deputy Duncan call lock smith AK GMB GMB Male victim [4]
May 31, 2011 Rick The Mullet Man calls Mark Beyondddddddd Male victim [5]
April 16, 2012 Causing chaos in Missouri Whoruandwherdyoulive [6]
July 30, 2013 Satanic Hacking Deathskull99 Male Victim [7]


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