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DeNiro Redneck
Traditional depiction of DeNiro Redneck


Prank Call Victim


Towing company employee


Cleveland, Ohio


early to-late 40s





The DeNiro Redneck (also known as RV Park Redneck) is a soundboard victim who works for a towing company in Cleveland, Ohio. He was called up with a soundboard of both Robert DeNiro and Joe Pesci in July 2007. During these calls he seemed to fool around considerably with them (“Hey, your still fucked up!”).[1]


  • "RV Park."
  • "Hello?"
  • "Pretty good. How are you?"
  • "Sure can. It's 5:30 in the morning. Go ahead."
  • "No, but your momma was."
  • "Your MOMMA was."
  • "Well too bad. Come and see me."
  • "Come and SEE me."
  • "I'll show you where it is."
  • "DUDE, come and see me."
  • "Hey fuckhead. You call again and I'm comin' to see you."
  • "Hahahahahaha!"
  • "Thank you dude. You know I'm getting everything on recording here so I appreciate that."
  • "You are a, you are a, you are a sick motherfucker."
  • "Do you know who you're even calling?"
  • "Do you know what area code you're even coming into?"
  • "You're a whacko son-on-a-bitch in my mind."
  • "Go ahead and blow yourself. You're an IDIOT.
  • "You better bring it to me."
  • "No I don't have a wrong impression."
  • "I'm comin' to get you. I'm comin' to get you and you won't even know it."
  • "Hey, your still fucked up!"
  • "I got .. I got your momma here."
  • "Hey! I got people lookin' for you now."
  • "They're in New Jersey. Right there, right by Maryland, D.C. They're aft- they want to come to TALK to you."
  • "Partner you got, you've got heat that's gonna' be there in the morning, in the middle of the night, you've got heat that's gonna come on you something terrible. In fact, your goddamn ass oughta be burnin'! Because I heard you've been talkin' it in the ass quite a bit lately anyway.
  • "Or in the mouth, I'm sorry. Well, either way. It doesn't make a difference. Once a shithead, always a shithead."
  • "Huh?"
  • "(sarcasticly) Right on, your money SHOULD be there right now."
  • "You haven't even SEEN heat."
  • "What's wrong? You can't dial the fuckin' phone?"
  • "What in the hell's wrong with you scumbag?!"
  • "Negotiating? There's no negotiatin' done."
  • "Well I'll tell you what. There should be! Because within, within' about three hours you will find out."
  • "I know. So was your momma but I loved her."
  • "Uh, you better, you better bring your lunch brotha."
  • "Kick the shit outta me? How many people you, how many people you bringin' boy?"
  • "Boy? Boy! Boy!!"
  • "Boy! Boy! Idiot! Idiot! Garbage? Hey garbagehead!"
  • "Garbage? Garbage?"
  • "Oh I know that, believe me. Stupid? No, no, I know stupid people and believe me you're not that good."
  • "I hope you bring somebody with you."
  • "Well baby I tell you what. You know what you ned to do? You are a PSYCHO. You are fuckin' nuts!"
  • "You need to get yourself some serious help."
  • "I'll tell you what. The best thing that would help you would be a .357 though your mouth!"
  • "Ok just ... bet on it. It'll come in a second."
  • "Bubba, I'm sittin' here in Ohio right now so you let me know. I'm in Cleveland so .. I'll be there. B-be, be, be there or be square! One of the two."
  • "Bring it down."
  • "Not on the phone you don't."
  • "I want to see you, and I wanna see you in person."
  • "The biggest thing is I wanna see you in your dress. I understand you dress up pretty good."
  • "I know. That, that's what, that's what your folks told me."
  • "Hahaha hahaha. You take care bubba. Bye"
  • "Bye."


The DeNiro Redneck is depicted with a Photoshopped image of the singer, Willie Nelson as president.

Prank Calls[edit]

Date Title Caller Victim Notes Ref.
July 13, 2007 Robert De Niro & Joe Pesci threaten a redneck Metalboss44 DeNiro Redneck Original call. [2]
N/A Deniro Redneck & High Redneck call Satanic Racist PLUS Angry Black Guy calls him Satanic Racist [3]


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