DatBoys Data Recovery

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DatBoys Data Recovery
Photograph of DatBoys Data Recovery with Chris the Hacker in the doorway


Prank Call Victim Location

Associated Victim(s)

Chris the Hacker


173 Belmont Street
Belmont, Massachusetts

Additional Info

Was in business from June 2006 to May 2012

DatBoys Data Recovery LLC was the IT service and computer repair company formerly run by Chris the Hacker out of Belmont, Massachusetts. The company's slogan was, "We Get Your Files Back When You Can't."

It was located at 173 Belmont Street, right next door to a business called Empire Alarm Company, Inc., and was the place where Chris was the recipient of multiple prank calls on a daily basis for over three years. In a recent call to him by JPranker98, he claims that this harassment cost him over $200,000.[1]

As of May 2012, the shop is now out of business and in multiple calls asking about it, Chris has blamed the failure of his company on the Prank Calling Community, especially 666j1 and MistahBlonde,[2]  who were behind many of the pranks.

As of October 2012, a pilates gym called Core Balance has moved into the space.[3] No calls have yet been made to the location.

Chris was homeless for a period of time as verified by a friend in this call. However, Chris has made updates and is in good health and spirit.


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