Crazy Old Lady

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Crazy Old Lady
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The Crazy Old Lady (also called Telemarketer Hater and Telemarketer Hating Bitch) is a soundboard created from the audio of a call between an elderly woman and a telemarketer. The original call was first posted on July 6, 2006 on a LiveJournal, by a the brother of a friend of ytmnd (You'reTheMannNowDog)user sephiroth112688 friend's [1], and was subsequently posted on ytmnd on July 15, 2006, before spreading to many other websites after that. Most notably, of course, Realm of Darkness[2], from which it would likely gain more notoriety among the soundboard community.


Not much information has surfaced regarding the original call from which the soundboard was derived, however what is known, is that the woman in question was called by telemarketers frequently enough to fill up her answering machine, as stated by she herself "because her answering machine was full," and that she either called or was called by them leading up to the eponymous call.

During said call, the woman made many accusations against the telemarketer and calling him everything from a terrorist, to a rapist, to an Iraqi insurgent, to a serial killer, to a criminal, to a sexual abuser, to a life deserter, all while the telemarketer remains calm in response [3]. After saying all of those things to him, she claims that her appendix ruptured as a result of the constant calls by telemarketers, and that she can produce a list of people who have been murdered by telemarketers, and that one of her friends was once gang raped by telemarketers, to little response from the telemarketer on the line.

Once she was done speaking to the telemarketer, she hung up after reiterating that the telemarketer and his company would be audited and sued, and that said telemarketer ruined hope and was "nasty".