Crazy Business Family

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Crazy Business Family
Traditional depiction of Crazy Businessman


unknown (parents)
Gerard (kid)


Prank Call Victims, Victim Soundboard


small business owners


late 30's, early 40's (parents)
12 or younger (Gerard)




Hancock County, Mississippi[1]



The Crazy Business Family is a family that lives somewhere in Hancock County, Mississippi.[1] They were called multiple times with a soundboard of Frank Garrett.

They have a son named Gerard, who was the first to pick up the phone; he spazzed out simply after Frank uttered “Son of a bitch! Is that all you can say, "hello"?!” and his mother picked up the phone afterwards. Even then, Gerard continued to loudly scream and rant in the background about Frank being an "old man", so much so that his mother couldn't hear what Frank was saying.

Then the husband picked it up, later another call was made to just the wife, it is apparent that there was a call made between these ones as she mentions that he was pretending to be the cop from Big Daddy’s Pizza. The last call made was made using a soundboard of the father’s voice and Chris the Hacker. A real Sheriff’s deputy, Deputy Nelson was later called by a soundboard of the family and was at their business.[1]


Crazy Business Family
Crazy Business Family


  • "Hello?"
  • "May I ask who this is?"
  • "Um, excuse me! You cannot just call and curse me out!! You don't even know who I am, old man!!! YOU A OLD MAN!!!!!!"
  • "HE'S AN SOB AND HE CUSSES ME OUT ON THE PHONE AND...[unintelligible]!!!!"
  • "Man, I love you. You're like, my favorite person in the world. I would like, love to spend a day with you."
  • "No, Dad!"


  • "Hello?"
  • "Who are you?!"
  • "I cannot hear, Gerard!"
  • "Son, you don't even know him. Maybe he just called the wrong number. You're yelling and screaming and freaking-out for no reason." (to Gerard in background)
  • "Hello? Keep on talking."
  • "You are?"
  • "I don't know what's goin' on, he's cursin' up a storm!" (to husband in background)


  • "Mister, if you keep callin' here I'm gonna file harrassment charges on yew. So you'd better knock it off."
  • "Wh-why do you keep calling my house? Let me ask you that."
  • "Frank Gary?"
  • "What street boy?"
  • "California? Out there with all them queers and faggots? That's where you belong, boy!"
  • "Ya ever heard of the Hell's Angels boy?"
  • "Mr. Frank Garrett, you are fixin' to go to jail or I'm fixin' to come to Sapulpa, Oklahoma and hurt you."
  • "Sapulpa, Oklahoma, Frank!"
  • "You gonna have a knock on yo' door in about 30 minutes and you're gonna be goin' to jail!"
  • "Quit callin' here before I have the PO-lice come over there and pick you up!"

Prank calls[edit]

Date Title Caller Victim Notes Ref.
N/A Duncan calls a Crazy Business TheGoldenPhone Crazy Business Family Original call [2]
N/A Duncan calls the Crazy Business again TheGoldenPhone Crazy Businesswoman [3]
N/A Duncan calls the Crazy Business 3rd time TheGoldenPhone Crazy Businessman
Deputy Nelson
N/A Crazy Business finale TheGoldenPhone Crazy Business Family Final call. [4]
N/A Crazy Businessman and his Deputy call Oklahoma TheGoldenPhone Couple in Sapulpa, Oklahoma [5]
N/A Crazy Business and police call Frank Garrett Zoltan6561 Duncan Lost call [6]
August 23, 2012 Crazy Businessman and his Deputy call Oklahoma 1ex1uger Collection Agent [7]
October 30, 2012 Purvis Calls a Doorless Store 1ex1uger Female victim [8]



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