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CootPrankCalls is a semi-active Lithuanian prank caller and video editor who has been active on YouTube since October 2008. Although he has discovered no significant victims, he was part of the group of the most famous victim soundboard prank callers at the time including xaozzz, 666j1, PrankVideoCompiler, TehPrankCaller and maximusclecyclone, often conversing through Skype.

Most of his prank call videos are made with various Duncan soundboards and they often include some sort of a plot to boost up the entertainment provided. He later reduced the amount of prank call videos and instead started to make a series of parody videos of Frank Garrett under the influence of various fictional and non-fictional drugs along with xaozzz, Rage0fDuncan and TheMasterCall. He and xaozzz decided to title these as "Duncan Drugstruction" and later on, simply "drugstruction." He has also created a vast amount of photoshopped images of Duncan (his Prince Charles depiction).


Starting from poorly made calls to Colgate Medical Emergency with an Arnold soundboard, he was mostly staying in the background while other well-known "Duncan-era" pranksters were at their peak during late 2008. He soon got into contact with maximusclecyclone through Skype by having similar skype names (frankgarrett) and the two became partners in prank calling. At this point, he started using all the various available Duncan soundboards made by undertakane11, xaozzz and others. Getting better at doing calls, CootPrankCalls focused primarily on using Duncan soundboards and starting thinking of making creative parodies which were later inspired by xaozzz, who was his prank calling idol at the time.

Early 2009, maximusclecyclone managed to find xaozzz, 666j1, PrankVideoCompiler and TehPrankCaller through Skype and invited CootPrankCalls to their conversation. This was a golden moment for him as he has been wanting to meet xaozzz since he created his channel. The conversation was nothing significant - everyone who was there used the Satanic Duncan Soundboard and kept repeating the lines "goddamn", "nigger-lovin" and "pussy" for hours. Eventually, they got into usual contact.

During Duncan Fest 2009, CootPrankCalls had become a lot more popular and had posted a decent amount of prank calls. Around the time of Christmas and New Years before 2010, he and 666j1 called Duncan and recorded the call. He continued to post more videos until his channel was hacked on December 18, 2010 and all of his videos were deleted. After an unknown hiatus, CootPrankCalls came back and with the help of lolomfgz, managed to reupload a few lost calls.

On February 13, 2012, he called a random saved toll free number from ModLightYagami titled "Lawyer". To his surprise, the Bail Bondsman answered. An hour later, he uploaded the video titled "New calls to Bail Bondsman" with his rediscovery without taking notice of the possible consequences. Apparently, later he realized that the Bail Bondsman said his real name "Fred Herbert" and that could mean trouble for his business and personal life. CootPrankCalls tried to cover his full name by making the video private, but ultimately failed to keep it secret in order to prevent the business from falling victim to incessant harassment. Unable to fix the damage that had been done, he disregarded everything and made his video public once again.

To present day, CootPrankCalls uploads calls or "drugstructions" but not as regularly as some other callers like TheMasterCall did or Pranktz. Lately, he has participated in Duncan Fest 13.

Prank calls[edit]

A few of CootPrankCalls' videos have been lost completely since the hack on December 18, 2010. Many videos were fortunately archived by Bladez636. This is a list of the calls currently available on his channel.

Date (re)uploaed Title Soundboard Victim Duration Notes Ref.
Jan 3, 2011 Duncan calls a Trucking company Duncan An unnamed trucking company 4:02 [1]
Jan 3, 2011 Duncan and Tom try to Dig up a Lady - Coot Call Duncan, Tom the Pissed-Off Roofer An unknown woman 9:08 [2]
Mar 22, 2011 Simply Short Calls Duncan Various 3:13 [3]
Apr 16, 2011 Duncan calls a Urology Center Duncan An unnamed urology center 4:37 [4]
Jun 9, 2011 Agent Duncan calls various people Duncan Various 13:37 [5]
Aug 3, 2011 The 4 Way of 2009 - [Chris The Hacker]; [666j1]; [Tom]; [CootPrankCalls] (PART 1) N/A Chris the Hacker 14:53 This lengthy call was made by CootPrankCalls, 666j1 and "Tom the Fag" and is an extended version of the call "Chris on skype 1"[6] which includes 666j1's voice [7]
Aug 3, 2011 The 4 Way of 2009 - [Chris The Hacker]; [666j1]; [Tom]; [CootPrankCalls] (PART 2) N/A Chris the Hacker 14:59 [8]
Aug 3, 2011 The 4 Way of 2009 - [Chris The Hacker]; [666j1]; [Tom]; [CootPrankCalls] (PART 3) N/A Chris the Hacker 14:58 [9]
Aug 3, 2011 The 4 Way of 2009 - [Chris The Hacker]; [666j1]; [Tom]; [CootPrankCalls] (PART 4) N/A Chris the Hacker 14:11 [10]
Sep 21, 2011 Coot's Old 2009 Calls TTS, Duncan Chris the Hacker, an unnamed trucking company, Duncan 5:06 Includes CootPrankCalls' first single call to Duncan [11]
Oct 25, 2011 Homer Scott goes insane Homer Scott Various 4:55 [12]
Oct 25, 2011 The ChinaHITman calls and executes people Chinaman Various 9:26 [13]
Oct 25, 2011 December Targets - California and Mississippi +Bonus Perfect Asshole and Birmingham Redneck Duncan, Birmingham Redneck, Perfect Asshole Various 10:20 [14]
Jan 18, 2012 DTJP vs AA Carnage - Old Coot Call Duncan, Tom the Pissed-Off Roofer, Jackass Plumber Alcoholics Anonymous 5:50 [15]
Jan 20, 2012 Random Coot Calls - Old Coot Calls Duncan Various 4:19 [16]
Jan 20, 2012 Duncan calls a rough guy Part 1 - Old Coot Call Duncan Brian from Recovery Connection 3:32 [17]
Jan 20, 2012 Duncan calls a rough guy Part 2 - Old Coot Call Duncan Brian from Recovery Connection 4:48 [18]
Feb 7, 2012 Frank makes a bunch of calls Duncan Various 7:33 [19]
Feb 13, 2012 New calls to Bail Bondsman Duncan The Bail Bondsman, AA 3:31 This initiated The Great Rediscovery [20]
Mar 29, 2013 Duncan calls a redneck & Microsoft Duncan A random redneck and an employee at Microsoft 5:10 This was originally posted on Prankula's channel [21]
Mar 29, 2013 ABG & EBG Phone Assault Angry Black Guy, Epic Buried Guy Various 4:57 This was originally posted on Prankula's channel [22]
May 5, 2013 Bail Bondsman - The Missing Calls Angry Black Guy, Bail Bondsman The Bail Bondsman 1:14 [23]
May 5, 2013 Duncan assaults a gun store Duncan An unnamed gun store 3:02 [24]
Aug 16, 2013 Duncan Fest 13 - Co-operative Franks vs. Rednecks Duncan Various unknown rednecks 8:36 TheMasterCall participated in doing these calls alongside CootPrankCalls. [25]
Aug 18, 2013 Duncan calls Bail Bondsman, Jackass Plumber and Drug Helplines Duncan Various 8:08 [26]
Sep 27, 2013 CootPrankCalls phones the Jackass Plumber N/A The Jackass Plumber 2:22 This is the first time CootPrankCalls uploaded a video where he used his own voice to prank call someone [27]
Oct 10, 2013 5 YEAR CHANNEL ANNIVERSARY - SUBSCRIBER LIST + Duncan Calls AA yet again Duncan A random AA call center 4:08 This video marks 5 years since CootPrankCalls' channel was created [28]


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