Cocky Guy

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The image used to depict Cocky Guy

Cocky Guy (whose real name is Kevin) has been prank called by the YouTube user Kkkrulesuniggers31. That prank caller has posted a few prank call videos and made a few soundboard calls of his own. The two prank calls made to him were with Rick the Mullet Man[1] and Epic Crazy Lady.[2]

The reason Kevin is known as Cocky Guy is that he has the tendency to mock the soundboards that are used to prank call him. He had several witty insults. He was also more polite the second call made to him, he may possibly have some knowledge with the prank call community, or at least recognized Frank Garrett's "oh" part in one of Rick's quotes. Since he admitted he was not old enough to vote in the 2008 election, it is safe to say he is likely a teenager or perhaps in his very early 20's

Prank Calls[edit]

Date Title Caller Victim Notes Ref.
May 22, 2012 Rick Moore calls a cocky guy Kkkrulesuniggers31 Cocky Guy Original call. [1]
June 1, 2012 Epic Crazy Lady and her husband call a cocky guy Kkkrulesuniggers31 Cocky Guy