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Chugboat is a retired British prank caller who was active on Realm of Darkness from 2009 to 2011. He is also the founder of the Soundboard Prank Calls Wiki. The prankster's most popular video is his 2010 Arnold Schwarzenegger prank call "People in the UK are trying to kill Arnold" which has received over 277,000 views on YouTube (as of January 2014). In addition, Chugboat designed soundboards for Peter Griffin, Tommy Vercetti, George Agdgdgwngo, The Phonebox Guy, and Peter Popoff.

Prank calls[edit]

Date Title Soundboard Victim Duration Notes Ref.
May 9, 2009 Peter Griffin calls AbRocket Peter Griffin AbRocket 2:13 [1]
November 26, 2009 Peter Griffin calls a Beauty Saleswoman Peter Griffin Female victim 4:34 [2]
April 10, 2010 People in the UK are trying to kill Arnold Arnold Schwarzenegger Female victim 1:31 [3]


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