Chicago, Illinois

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Chicago, Illinois
Downtown Chicago skyline, showing the famous Sears Tower (now Willis Tower)


Prank Call Victim Location

Associated Victim(s)

Irate Black Man, Satanic Racist, Porn Shop Whigger, Dave & Mandi


Cook County, Illinois
DuPage County, Illinois


2,707,120 (2011 census)

Additional Info

Chicago is a city in Cook County, Illinois, though a small portion of the city limits also extend into DuPage County, which is located in the same state. It is the home of the famous victims Irate Black Man and Satanic Racist, and as such, the city has become a popular target for pranksters.

Since both victims were discovered in 2008, several Chicago residents and businesses have been pranked by their soundboards, similar to how Stilwell, Oklahoma and Upland, California were pranked during the height of the "Duncan" and "Bail Bondsman-eras" respectively.

Notable Victims in Chicago[edit]

Chicago has the distinction of being the most called major city with five known victims discovered between 2008 and 2012.

Name Image Caller First call Last call Comments
Dave and Mandi No image
Darkside N/A N/A This was a one-time call.
Irate Black Man Ving rhames xxx.jpg Americanlackey August 4, 2008[1] February 16, 2010[2]
Porn Shop Whigger No image
Tom0900060 November 10, 2012[3] January 6, 2013[4]
Satanic Racist Sr-01.jpg Soundboardking
2008 January 17, 2013[5]


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