Carl's Jr. Guy

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Carl's Jr. Guy
Carl's Jr. Guy.png
Phuckaducker's Depiction of Carl's Jr. Guy


Prank Call Victim


Caribbean Cruise Lines


Fresno, California


1989 (age 29–30)





The Carl's Jr. Guy (real name: Jack) is a smug telemarketer employed by Caribbean Cruise Lines who was called by Phuckaducker using a soundboard of the High Redneck. The victim took great enjoyment provoking the caller, which included impersonating his "supervisor", presumably to impress his female co-workers laughing in the background.[1] Within a week, the victim had received his own soundboard courtesy of Prank Hill. Many of the original lines were manipulated and, instead of offering a free cruise, revolved around inviting the caller for "a cheeseburger at Carl's Jr.".


  • "Hi. This is Jack."
  • "Meet me? at the Carl's Jr.!"
  • "Get excited. You're goin'!"
  • "You have a Carl's Jr. in the town right?"
  • "I could meet you for a cheesburger at Carl's Jr. ..?"
  • "I mean all I'm trying to do is offer you a cheeseburger at Carl's Jr."
  • "You're in California. It's legal. You should have no problem finding that."
  • "What are YOU sayin'?"
  • "Blabblabblabblabblah!"
  • "You're sayin', "Blabblabblabblabblah!""
  • "We sound like two penguins talkin'!"
  • "Alright, where we meetin'? At the monkey bars?"
  • "Come up here and get me some..."
  • "Really? I'm a very tall guy."
  • "I DID graduate high school."
  • "Excuse me?"

Prank Calls[edit]

Date Title Caller Victim Notes Ref.
January 5, 2013 High Redneck wins a Cruise Phuckaducker Carl's Jr. Guy Original call. [1]
January 22, 2013 Introducing... Carl's Jr. Guy Prank Hill Various This was the debut of the victim's soundboard. [2]


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