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Captain Ginyu
Captain Ginyu


Cartoon Soundboard


Captain and Leader of the Ginyu Force






Hell. Formerly:(Earth)

Captain Ginyu (ギニュー隊長 Ginyū-taichō, lit. "Captain Ginew") is a fictional character from the anime Dragon Ball Z who first appeared during the Namek Saga of the manga and anime, and later made a reappearance in the interquel series Dragonball Super. Ginyu is known in the community for a call made to an Indian restaurant made by AntiVenom9808, using a soundboard of his quotes.

Quotes of Captain Ginyu[edit]

  • "Allow me to take a small break to formally introduce myself."
  • "I am Captain Ginyu!"
  • "As you wish"
  • "Listen up, buddy!"
  • "You'll save us all a lot of trouble if you hand over the Dragon Ball."
  • "That guy's gonna pay dearly for this!"
  • "The Captain's coming to get YOOOOOO-UUUUU!"
  • "Oh, would you please shut up!"
  • "You idiot!"
  • "WHAT!?"
  • "How dare you show your orange little face back here! You're such a disgrace! Have you learned anything after all this time?!"

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