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CCL Larry
Traditional depiction of CCL Larry


Larry A. Tipton


Prank Call Victim, Victim Soundboard


Ex-certified ticket agent for Caribbean Cruise Line


74 when called
(born 1938-39)




Seminole, Florida, USA


Rae A. Tipton

CCL Larry (real name: Larry Tipton) is a 74-year-old prank call victim formerly employed as a certified ticket agent by the telemarketing scam company, Caribbean Cruise Line.  He was first called by Zamot83 in April 2013, with the CCL Michaela soundboard, in the Cruise Scammer calls her co-workers .  He soon received his own soundboard, created by Prank Hill from Zamot83's call.

As of August 2013, CCL Larry apparently no longer works for Caribbean Cruise Line. There is strong speculation that he may have been fired after the short call "LARRY! LARRY! LAAAARRY!" by Madam Voorhees, in which a company director answered the phone and thought it was the real CCL Larry calling them.[1]

It is not known for sure if CCL Larry is aware of the Prank Calling Community, but he at least knows that his voice has been recorded. During a call by rawpranks on August 19, 2013, in which Larry's own home was called with a soundboard of his voice, he could be heard in the background remarking to his rather confused wife, Rae (who had answered the phone), "Exactly what I thought. Somebody's playing games, that's my voice!"

In December 2013, Larry was called yet again, but this time by the Bail Bondsman, seeming even more confused. [2]

Notable quotes[edit]

  • "Don't forget to pack... those elastic pants."
  • "Well, we're here in Floorida, and it's like, uhh, tropical, umm, carribean, umm, day.  Here in Floorida!"
  • "You're talking to a very young man of seventy-four."
  • "Great!  How's the weather in California where you are?"
  • "(deep breath) Hi, my name is Larry, I'm a certified ticket agent for Caribbean Cruise Lines."
  • "yes.....Yes......Yes!"
  • "it is time that you took a cruise"
  • "have you seen our ad on tv?"
  • "Are you familiar with Caribot...Caribbean Cruise Lines?
  • Are you familiar with ELASTIC PANTS
  • Hi, my name is Larry
  • It is time that you took ELASTIC PANTS
  • That's right you can't beat ELASTIC PANTS
  • I'm here to help you claim your ELASTIC PANTS
  • Hi my name is THOSE ELASTIC PANTS, are you familiar with ELASTIC PANTS
  • It is time that you took ELASTIC PANTS
  • Lemme tell you a little bit about THOSE ELASTIC PANTS

Prank Calls[edit]

Date Title Caller Victim Notes Ref.
April 29, 2013 Cruise Scammer calls her co-workers Zamot83 CCL Larry Original call. [3]
April 29, 2013 Introducing... CCL Larry Prank Hill Caribbean Cruise Line [4]
May 7, 2013 CCL Larry & CCL Michaela call their own lawyers Prank Hill Greenspoon Marder [5]
June 18, 2013 CCL Larry & CCL Michaela sell a free cruise to a redneck Prank Hill Male victim [6]
July 24, 2013 CCL Larry & CCL Michaela go on a cruise together Zamot83 Caribbean Cruise Line [7]
July 31, 2013 CCL Larry calls CCL KiwiK rankers Caribbean Cruise Line [8]
August 4, 2013 Bail Bondsman and the gang call CCL Fred Herbert The Pranker Caribbean Cruise Lines [9]
August 6, 2013 CCL employees sell each other cruises Wilford Brimley Caribbean Cruise Lines, Indian Scammers [10]
August 13, 2013 CCL Larry and the elastic pants Zamot83 Caribbean Cruise Line [11]
August 16, 2013 Jack and Larry CCL Fun Time! Madam Voorhees Carl's Jr. Guy [12]
August 17, 2013 CCL Larry's early morning cruise givaway! rawpranks Various [13]
August 17, 2013 LARRY! LARRY! LAAAARRY! (Short Call) Madam Voorhees Caribbean Cruise Line [1]
August 19, 2013 Angry Afrikkkan makes some calls plus CCL Larry calls his house rawpranks Male victim, CCL Larry and his wife [14]
August 24, 2013 CCL Discuss Larry In Conference Calls Madam Voorhees Caribbean Cruise Line Three-way call. [15]


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