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BubbaCalling is a prank caller active on YouTube since October 2010. His first video was 'Rude Lawyer calls Oklahoma Residents' and he has made other calls using famous victims including Rick the Mullet Man, New York Cunt, Satanic Racist and a variety of the British victims. One of his notable victim discoveries was Kansas Psycho.

One of his more significant videos is My Voice Calls to Stilwell - A Tribute to Frank Garrett where he received short, cutting remarks from Chris the Hacker and Charles when being asked for a reaction about the death of Frank Garrett. Other residents of Stilwell were more affectionate when remembering Frank during the call.

He has recently made calls using soundboards that he has made himself. For example, one of minor YouTube celebrity Pruane2Forever and an original text-to-speech soundboard of an obnoxious child calling various schools known as Cocky School Kid. Bubbacalling returned after a long hiatus in April 2018 with a video featuring new victims.

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