British Bitch

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British Bitch
British Bitch.png
JackassPlumberLib's Depiction of British Bitch


Prank Call Victim




England, United Kingdom


early to-mid 30s





The British Bitch is a soundboard victim who resides in the United Kingdom. While depicted as a trashy, thirty-something white woman, she has been widely speculated by both pranksters and other victims as being of Jamaican descent (due to her accent). The original call is considered lost and, consequently, little is known about the victim.


  • "Hello."
  • "Ya what?"
  • "Carry on running up the BT bill."
  • "I'm gonna get 'em to trace ya'."
  • "That's why your phonin' my phone and .. making obscenities on my phone!"
  • "No you haven't!"
  • "What are you still on my line for?"
  • "You got anything better to do then phonin' my fucking phone?"
  • "Stay on the line a little longer and I'll get BT to trace ya' and get the fucking police on your arse. You fucking tramp!"
  • "Dickhead!"
  • "Fuck off!"
  • "FUCK OFF!"
  • "Fuck off, ya' fucking prick!"
  • "Fuckin' old bastard."
  • "On the fuckin' blower."

Prank Calls[edit]

Date Title Caller Victim Notes Ref.
N/A N/A ItsOnlyAPrank British Bitch Original call.
N/A Original Calls to the Jackass Plumber Part. 12 Jackass Plumber [1]
June 25, 2008 Vacation Outlet problems.. Bigbandpistachio [2]
October 27, 2011 Deputy Sling Blade, British Bitch, and more: Merlin's Assorted Calls 2 TheMerlinOfAR Male victim [3]
January 20, 2012 British Bitch, Tony the Racist, Mark the Wanker, British Lawyer call Britain Bubbacalling Various [4]
January 22, 2012 British Bitch prank calls pub BEST PRANK EVER !!!! Prankityprank1 Male victim [5]
September 7, 2012 Merlin's Assorted Calls 3 TheMerlinOfAR Female victim [6]


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