Boston Hitler

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Boston Hitler
Sonicmaster's Depiction of Boston Hitler


Prank Call Victim




Boston, Massachusetts


early to-mid 20s





Boston Hitler is a prank call victim who was discovered by Springfeeeel in March 2013. He was originally called during the prankster's popular "Springfield Pervert's Cross Country Cum Guzzler Search".[1] The victim was called again by Springfield Pervert and Blue Iris seven months later and who very quickly began insulting the caller with violent anti-Semitic threats.[2] The promising series ended soon afterwards when the prankster was no longer able to get Boston Hitler on the phone.[3]


The picture used for Boston Hitler originates from the 1940 movie, The Great Dictator, starring Charlie Chaplin, in which Chaplin plays the role of Adenoid Hynkel, a parody of Adolph Hitler.


  • "What's going on freakshow?"
  • "You're fat, right? Are you overweight?"
  • "Have you ever been murdered before?"
  • "Ahhh, it's gonna happen again."
  • "You are Jewish, right?"
  • "Oh it's you, Silverberg!"
  • "You're a Jew right? Fucking weasel!"
  • "You fat jew!"
  • "Hey, no listen. Answer my question. You're a JEW, right? Like a, like a fat screwball?"
  • "I know! Isn't that funny? Yeah I know. You keep sayin' fucked up shit like that. That's AWESOME! Yeah, keep it going. Keep it going screwball."
  • "No, you're one of these WEIRD little fuckin' scumbags that got picked on and now you're makin' screwball phone calls right? That's fuckin' hilarious. God BLESS you. Get back at society, you fat jew!"
  • "You'll get back at society!"
  • "You should've been aborted."
  • "Hey asshole! You're a Jew, right?"
  • "Aren't you a Jew?"
  • "You're a fuckin' HOMO Jew!"
  • "You're a Jew! A fuckin' screwball Jew."
  • "You call up someone substantial like me?! You know, I probably picked on you in high school or some shit, ya know, because you're a FUCKIN' LOSER."
  • "No, you really are! You're a FUCKIN' WEASEL. You're a fuckin'- you're one of these WEIRD little fuckin' CUNTS that like people PICKED ON and now, now you're gettin' back at, ya know, a good person like me! Because I, maybe I slapped ya in the back of the head, right?"
  • "I'm sorry for BITCH-SLAPPIN' you, you JEW!"
  • "You didn't, you didn't get it in fuckin', uh, Hebrew class?"
  • "Remember when you had to go to Hebrew class? You fuckin' WEIRDO!"
  • "You know what I'm sayin', right?"

Prank Calls[edit]

Date Title Caller Victim Notes Ref.
March 7, 2013 Springfield Pervert's Cross Country Cum Guzzler Search, Part 12 (Massachusetts) Springfeeeel Boston Hitler Original call. [1]
October 18, 2013 Springfield Pervert calls Boston Hitler Springfeeeel Boston Hitler [2]
February 7, 2014 Kyra and Mobiethian Live - Feb 7, 2014 The Kyra and Mobiethian Show This was during a live broadcast. The call is considered lost.
August 13, 2014 Boston Hitler Calls An Angry Jew Sonicmaster's Soundboard Pranks Male victim [4]
August 24, 2014 Boston Hitler Locks Down a Hotel Sonicmaster's Soundboard Pranks [5]
August 25, 2014 Random Cawlsh Vol. 18 Jack Inoff [6]
October 17, 2014 Boston Hitler N Frank Harass Business JPranker98 [7]
February 25, 2015 Silly Faggot and Boston Hitler assfuck a PRM operator ProsecuteThis Day 1 of PRMFest [8]


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