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Mark Shaw Jr, better known by the nickname Bigfoot, is an American radio personality, best known for his frequent appearances on The Howard Stern Show. Shaw is considered a member of the show's Wack Pack, a group of unusual personalities who have made recurring appearances on the show. Shaw was discovered by The Howard Stern Show in 2006 during contest to find the next Wack Packer.[1] Shaw suffers from a speech impediment that causes him to often finishes sentences with the words, "it is."[2]

Shaw resides in Newport, Vermont. His appearances on The Howard Stern Show have earned him notoriety within his town. Despite his celebrity status, Shaw has been vocal of his mistreatment by the state and the abuse he suffers from his fellow town members.[3]

Early life[edit]

Shaw is one of four children. His parents first became aware of Shaw's special needs when he began school. Despite receiving an early education, Shaw failed to acquire many essential skills, including the ability to read and write. Shaw eventually left school after the sixth grade.

According to Shaw's mother Mary, when Shaw began school he was diagnosed as being mentally challenged. Due to Shaw's general coherence and conversation skills, Howard Stern and the show's other staff members have repressed belief that Shaw's slowness and lack of everyday skills, despite reports of Shaw being treated for schizophrenia, are a result from poor education and drug use. This belief has received validation by Shaw's success in achieving one-hundred percent on his oral road-test.[4]

Howard Stern Show[edit]

In 2006 the Howard Stern Show held a contest the find a personality to join the show's Wack Pack. Shaw won the contest with a unanimous vote, and received the five thousand dollar grand prize. Shaw would go on to make regular appearances on the show for the next four years. Shaw would not make another live appearances on the show until August 2014.[4]

In 2007 Shaw began to make many critical comments towards the citizens of Newport and Derby, Vermont over discrimination, and towards landlords for refusing to rent to him, and the Newport police, whom Shaw accused of throwing out every case and complaint he reported to them.[5] Shaw went on to state that he was attempting to file a lawsuit against multiple landlords in Newport. According to Shaw, the landlords refused to rent to him for a reasonable price because they were under the impression that he was making more money given his role on The Howard Stern Show.

Personal life[edit]

Shaw claims to have had numerous relationships and sexual encounters throughout his life. The most infamous relationship was in 2007 with a woman named Lori Greenwood. Two weeks after they started dating, Lori and two other women made an appearance on the Howard Stern Show. The radio personalities were required to correctly guess which one was Shaw's real girlfriend. Only Artie Lange guessed correctly. Shortly after her appearance on the show, Lori broke up with Shaw, claiming that Shaw had accused her and her fourteen-year old daughter of being sexually involved with each other because they were sleeping in the same bed.[6]

Despite a preference for women, Shaw claims to have had many homosexual encounters throughout his life.


Shaw has over 23 criminal convictions for disorderly conduct, theft, public disturbance, and breaking and entering. Before becoming a Wack Packer, Shaw had become notorious for stealing campground furniture with the intention of being caught and incarcerated with the purpose of having a warm place to spend the upcoming winter.[7] The longest prison sentence Shaw served was eighteen months. While incarcerated, Shaw allowed inmates to perform oral and anal sex on him in exchange for cigarettes and marijuana.

In January 2013, Shaw was arrested and taken into custody when he threatened to burn down his motel room. When the police responded, Shaw proceeded to attack them with a sword. Deemed unfit to stand trial, Shaw was institutionalized before being released in March 2013.[8]


  • "This is neighbor, it is."
  • "Rub your cunt on the phone."
  • "Talk dirty to me!"
  • "Stop hanging up fuck face!"
  • "Hey motherfucker stop hanging up on me!"
  • "You sound like your pretty hot-eh, who are you?"
  • "I'm touchin' my balls!"


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