Big Daddy's Pizza

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Big Daddy's Pizza


Prank Call Victim Location

Associated Victim(s)

Deputy Martin


Unknown, possibly Wayne County, Indiana

Additional Info

Big Daddy's Pizza is a restaurant located somewhere in the Midwestern United States. Though only called once, it is notable for the discovery of Deputy Martin, the first and arguably most popular law-enforcement soundboard, during a conversation with Epic Crazy Lady's Husband.[1]

As there are hundreds of restaurants in the United States using the "Big Daddy's Pizza" name, it is difficult to determine if this was a local business or part of a regional franchise. Officer Martin has been occasionally used to call various Big Daddy's Pizza[2][3][4], as have Bob Chandler and Chris the Hacker.[5] The original restaurant was allegedly called back some time after the original prank call, however, it has never been released and is considered a lost call.

There is a possibility that the restaurant may be located in either Wayne County, Indiana or Wayne County, Michigan, where Deputy Martin is alleged to reside. This is supported by the fact that there is a Big Daddy's Pizza in Cambridge City, Indiana though no calls are known to have been made there.

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