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The Bait Shop Guy is a Bait & Tackle Shop Owner residing somewhere in Canada. He was twice a victim of an Arnold Schwarzenegger soundboard. He has takes an interest/claims to be the man who shot John F. Kennedy. According to him, he was around when he was shot; so we can assume he's in his mid to late 50's or 60's or so. He also seems to have somewhat Republican views, as well wishes to live in Texas.[1] He was unaware of the call being a joke; like most other victims

There is not much to gather from the Bait Shop Guy other than what is above, but since his discovery in early 2007 a soundboard has been used on various occasions by Punctum; whom discovered him.

Bait Shop Guy is unique in that he isn't usually depicted with an actual human depiction, but usually with a picture of a random Bait Shop with a Canadian Flag Photoshopped onto its billboard. (Though at times, he is depicted as Red Green from The Red Green Show)


  • "Lick. My. Nuts."
  • "You're who?!"
  • "Who am I?! Who the fuck are you?!"
  • Repeated line: "Who the fuck are you?"
  • "What is this, some kind of fuckin' cult?"
  • "I'm terrible, thanks for asking"
  • "Well I got some fuckin' jerk on the phone I'm talking to, guess who that jerk is?"
  • "So are you speaking from the heavens, or are you here on fuckin' earth?"
  • "Who killed John F. Kennedy?"
  • "I'm the guy who shot John F Kennedy!"

Prank Calls[edit]

Date Title Caller Victim Notes Ref.
January 30, 2007 Arnold Calls A Bait Shop JohnnyKimbled Bait Shop Guy Original call. [1]
February 15, 2007 Arnold Redials the Bait Shop! JohnnyKimbled Bait Shop Guy
February 17, 2007 Bait Shop Guy calls Bell Canada JohnnyKimbled Male victim This was the debut of the victim's soundboard. [2]
April 1, 2007 Bait Shop Guy Attacks Cogeco JohnnyKimbled Cogeco [3]
N/A Jacko's Ghost, Drug and Alcohol Lady and Bait shop guy call payphones Nomadcowatbk Various [4]
February 18, 2010 Duncan calls another angry Skype user with an accent and Bait Shop guy leaves a message Thunderball937 [5]
September 20, 2010 Bait Shop Guy Calls A Spa Throughlou [6]
September 28, 2010 Bait Shop Guy VS 7/11 Guy XxBrutalBeatdownXx Male victim [7]
October 9, 2010 Bait Shop Guy Hardware Store Prank Throughlou [8]
October 13, 2010 Bait Shop Guy Admits He's Guilty To Kennedy Space Center XxBrutalBeatdownXx Kennedy Space Center [9]
December 5, 2010 Bait Shop Guy & POed Waitress TheMerlinOfAR [10]
January 2, 2011 Merlin's Assorted Calls TheMerlinOfAR [11]
January 22, 2011 Calls Dedicated to JohnyKimbled 1ex1uger [12]
January 25, 2011 Prank Calls to Bring Back the FUN 1ex1uger [13]
January 29, 2011 Prank Calls to end January 2011 1ex1uger [14]
February 4, 2011 Prank call medicine 1ex1uger [15]
June 4, 2011 ABG Scraps With Chris & More 1ex1uger [16]
June 18, 2011 McJosh Harassment WorldClassPrankster Male victim [17]
June 26, 2011 Hotel Redneck 4 (Castle Motel Harrassment) WorldClassPrankster Castle Motel [18]
August 6, 2011 Raged Old Lady Calls Pissed Off Redneck Derangedpranks Pissed off Rednecks [19]
August 11, 2011 Bait Shop Guy Calls Days Inn Dizeestl Female victim [20]
February 1, 2012 SBFT Prank Calls 1ex1uger JFK Museum [21]
April 20, 2012 The Fantastical Bait Shop Guy JohnnyKimbled Various [22]
June 6, 2012 Bait Shop Guy calls The Kennedy Center JohnnyKimbled Kennedy Center [23]
June 13, 2012 She's Fucking Nuts! JohnnyKimbled Female victim [24]
November 14, 2012 Bait Shop Guy calls a Nissan Dealership JohnnyKimbled Female victim [25]
November 28, 2012 A Fistful of Bait JohnnyKimbled Various [26]



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