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Apology to Duncan
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Apology to Duncan was a call made by XxVideoPersonxX to Frank "Duncan" Garrett in 2008, sometime prior to the infamous library scare.

At the time, Frank's phone number had recently been discovered by unknown third parties and widely posted on YouTube for all to see, resulting in him being called relentlessly by copycat pranksters. This caused several of the regular prank callers responsible for Frank's internet fame to feel a measure of guilt over the trouble they had caused him, however indirect.

To that end, XxVideoPersonxX called Frank and spoke to him with his own voice, rather than with a soundboard, offering a heartfelt apology for all the prank calls he had made to him. Highlighting the somber tone of the call, Beethoven's "Moonlight Sonata" was used as background music in the video.

Frank, for his part, was nice about it and graciously accepted the apology. Interestingly, he seemed genuinely surprised that all of the calls were the work of a complete stranger, and not, as he apparently thought, someone who knew him personally, leading him to famously remark, "I don't know ya? Well, how did you select me, to be your...goat?"

Following the call, XxVideoPersonxX announced publicly that he would not call Frank anymore, although he would continue to use his soundboard on others[1], a move that was praised by many at the time. However, he quickly reneged on this promise a few weeks later, and began regularly prank calling Frank once again, claiming that there was no harm in it, if he only called him once or twice a week. This caused a minor controversy in the Prank Call Community, with more than a few feeling that this reversal was hypocritical of him and that the apology should have marked the end of all calls to Frank by anyone. It did, however, result in a significant drop in the number of calls to him, for several months.


[*Phone rings*]
Duncan: Duncan Construction.
XxVideoPersonxX: I'm, uh, just ringing to apologize...for all this. Okay?
Duncan: All what?
XxVideoPersonxX: Umm, to apologize for all these, uh, calls, and...stuff like that.
Duncan: Yeah. Who are you, buddy? Do I know ya?
XxVideoPersonxX: No, you don't know me.
Duncan: I don't know ya? Well, how did you select me, to be your...goat?
XxVideoPersonxX: Well, it's just...probably your reactions. I'm sorry.
Duncan: Okay! I accept your apology. Just, uh, I'd appreciate it if you wouldn't do it anymore. Thanks again!
XxVideoPersonxX: Thank you. [*hangs up*]
[*End of Call*]