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AntiVenom9808 is a semi-retired Canadian prank caller who first appeared in mid-2009. His username and avatar come from the Marvel comics character Anti-Venom.

He first gained notoriety from prank callers and fans when he released his Arnold Schwarzenegger calls Wisconsin and Burger King Harassment Prank Calls.

AntiVenom9808 is responsible for the appearance of a wide variety of soundboards, including the Angry Video Game Nerd, Data, many Dragon Ball Z soundboards such as Vegeta, and a Sean Connery soundboard, among many others. To date, AntiVenom9808 has created over a hundred soundboards, all of which are hosted on the Realm of Darkness website.

Some of his notable victims include Lally, the Old Religious Woman, Black Cop, Strip Club Bitch and the Indian Scammers. While he did not discover him, AntiVenom9808 is also notorious for popularizing the Harlem Barber.

AntiVenom9808 ceased regular activity after the summer of 2011, but has since re-uploaded old calls on his channel, along with posting the occasional new call. He briefly returned in July 2013 to celebrate Arnold Fest, before finishing the year with several new calls featuring Bigfoot from the Howard Stern Show. With 9,208 subscribers as of August 2014, AntiVenom9808 is the second most subscribed soundboard prank caller on Youtube, behind W3baholic.

On September 2nd, 2014, AntiVenom9808's channel was terminated due to multiple or severe violations of YouTube's policy against spam, gaming, misleading content, or other Terms of Service violations.

On October 7th, 2014, AntiVenom9808's channel was restored, along with all of his uploads.

On June 7, 2018, AntiVenom9808 posted a brand-new Bigfoot call. The call was his first in almost four years.

Soundboard Copying[edit]

It was revealed in September 2013 that AntiVenom9808's soundboards, along with several others, including the Realm of Darkness webmaster's, were being copied and sold by soundboard gamer Jayuzumi.

AntiVenom9808 has not responded well to Jayuzumi using audio from his soundboards, uploading a video to his channel on September 1, 2013 stating that using his soundboards' audio without recognition for the hours spent compiling the quotes 'irked' him. He has adamantly stated that he doesn't care about the money involved, but feels that Jayuzumi's actions are "unfair to those of us who actually took the time to sift through hours worth of episodes and movies to get the quotes we needed" and merely wants credit where it's due.

Prank Call Copying[edit]

Due to AntiVenom9808's high level of popularity on YouTube, his prank calls have often being subject to reposting by other YouTube users. These have ranged from harmless video reposts with credit posted in the info, to others trying to claim the call(s) as their own, and even blocking AntiVenom9808 when he tries to confront the user.

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