Angry Pregnant Lady

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Angry Pregnant Lady
Angry P L.png
Nomadcowatbk's Depiction of A.P.L.


Prank Call Victim


Unknown, claimed she previously "sold pills"




early to-mid 30s





Angry Pregnant Lady is a victim of the Phone Losers of America's prank "Harassing Black Friday Wal-Mart Customers with Prank Calls" on Black Friday 2008.[1] A victim soundboard was released by Realm of Darkness, with the assistance of Nomadcowatbk and IsThisARecording, in March 2011.


  • "Hello?"
  • "Can you PLEASE transfer me to the pharmacy?"
  • "Ok, well, uh can you just have that prescription filled by tomorrow please?"
  • "Yeah...I probably do."
  • "I'm sorry, what'd you say?"
  • "Umm...I need, uh, a prescription refill on my ... medication."
  • "Um, yeah, it's for .. prenatal vitamins."
  • "Um, I asked for the pharmacy."
  • "Well I didn't DIAL the number, I was transferred!"
  • "I know. I ASKED for the pharmacy. I don't know why he transferred me to toys."
  • "Uh, I don't have Percocet."
  • "Well I know how much they go for."
  • "I know how much they go for. I sell pills. I know how much they go for."
  • "I USED to sell pills in California, yes."
  • "Ok, you know what? I-I just called last time and the guy transferred me to the Toys. I don't know who you have up there. A customer service transferring people? But he sure as FUCK doesn't know how to transfer people. I asked him to transfer me to the pharmacy TWICE. Not Housewares, not Toys. Can you please transfer me to the pharmacy?"
  • "You...need to figure out someone who knows how to fuckin' transfer people 'cause I'm not the one dialin' the numbers. And that's the SECOND person that's told me I don't know how to dial numbers. I call this phone number every single day and they transfer me correctly. Whoever's up there transferring people...needs a new job."
  • "You know what? It's not my fuckin' fault you guys are so RETARDED!"
  • "Would you like to transfer me to the fuckin' pharmacy before I come in there and blow up your fuckin' store?"
  • "Why don't you fuckin' transfer me to the pharmacy like I ASKED in the first fuckin' place!"
  • "I didn't FUCKIN' CALL THE FUCKIN' TOYS [Department] YOU SON OF A BITCH!!"
  • "You son-of-a-bitch!"


The picture used to depict the Angry Pregnant Lady is of the actress, Jessica Alba, flipping off a paparazzo around 2008[1], when pregnant with her daughter Hope.

Prank Calls[edit]

Date Title Caller Victim Notes Ref.
November 28, 2008 Harassing Black Friday Wal-Mart Customers with Prank Calls Phone Losers of America Angry Pregnant Lady Original call. [1]
February 16, 2011 Angry pregnant lady calls payphone near the bar Nomadcowatbk Various [2]


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