Angry Bastard

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Angry Bastard
Angry bastard1.jpg
Depiction of the Angry Bastard


Prank Call Victim, Victim soundboard



The Angry Bastard is a victim of the Black Guy, who argued on who was calling who. He seems to be a pissed-off individual and has profane language in most of his lines.


  • "This is about the third time or fourth time you've called this number!"
  • "I'd like to know where you got this fucking number; I'm gonna find out!"
  • "Your phone is being traced, you know, and I've called the phone company already."
  • "And your number's being traced, and your ass is going to jail, and I'm gonna put your ass in jail."
  • "I'm talking to you, you goddamn moron!"
  • "You belong in a fucking padded cell is where you belong, you dumbass!"
  • "You're a goof!"
  • "If I had a gun and met you, I'd blow your fucking head right off."

Prank Calls[edit]

Date Title Caller Victim Notes Ref.
February 24, 2010 Angry Black Guy and ECLH calls Angry Bastard UltimatePrankCalls Angry Bastard Original call. [1]
February 24, 2010 Angry Bastard calls Old Woman UltimatePrankCalls Female victim [2]
June 29, 2010 Upc's Angry Bastard calls Hot Rod Jason -6 8DuncanConstruction8 Hot Rod Jason [3]
2011 Calls to some trashy stripclubs Rawpranks Male victim [4]
September 15, 2011 Special Vengence: Calling to some irresponsible people Revolverocelot2501 Couple [5]
September 21, 2011 Telemarketer Revenge 25: The Angry Bastard awakens Revolverocelot2501 Various [6]
September 30, 2011 Prank Call Spree 11 Mobiethian Various [7]
October 3, 2011 Prank Call Spree 12 Mobiethian Male victim [8]
October 13, 2011 Telemarketer Revenge 27: Assult of the verification company Revolverocelot2501 Male victim [9]
November 1, 2011 Angry Bastard calls a Telemarketing Company Mobiethian Various [10]
November 16, 2011 Angry Bastard Blow-Up Mobiethian [11]
November 23, 2011 Angry Bastard Belligerence Mobiethian [12]
December 9, 2011 Angry Bastard Blow-Up 2 Mobiethian [13]
January 16, 2012 Telemarketer Revenge 37: The Vacation is OVER!! Revolverocelot2501 [14]
March 19, 2012 Special Vengence 9: Pay your bills *not* (part the fifth) Revolverocelot2501 [15]
June 13, 2012 Angry Bastard calls an Insurance Company Mobiethian Female victim [16]
July 2, 2012 Angry Bastard Rampage Part 1 Sir Cranksalot Various [17]
July 2, 2012 Angry Bastard Rampage Part 2 Sir Cranksalot Various [18]
July 8, 2012 Angry Bastard calls Collections Mobiethian Male victim [19]
September 4, 2012 Angry Bastard Calls A Black Man Sir Cranksalot Male victim [20]
October 3, 2012 Telemarketing Revenge 56: Poking the Wounds Revolverocelot2501 Male victim [21]


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