Albert Wesker

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Albert Wesker
Likeness of Albert Wesker c. Resident Evil 5


Character soundboard

First appearance

Resident Evil (1996)


Aspiring god/world conqueror


Deceased (2008)

Albert Wesker (voiced by DC Douglas) is a primary antagonist in Capcom's long-running video game series, Resident Evil. He has assumed several roles over the series, including Special Forces (S.T.A.R.S) leader, pseudoscientist, and overall megalomaniac. As an enhanced human being, he views himself superior to all humanity. And as such, nearly all of his dialogue is rich with assertive commands and memorable tangents of godhood, as well as obscure one-liners that the series is inadvertently famous for.

Currently, he has only been featured in one call; to the Racist Redneck, however this should be subject to change as his soundboards are ideal for intimidating and potentially rousing his victims into humorous mockery of the caller.


  • "Greetings!!"
  • "Bio-organic weapons, better known as B.O.W."
  • "I'm used to escorting men."
  • "Who are you..."
  • "I would need the actual combat data of the Tyrant."
  • "If you succeeded in creating the world's most powerful bio-organic weapon, what would YOU do? What if YOU were in charge?"
  • "The truth can be so cruel..."
  • "Smart girl... but I think you misunderstand me."
  • "Umbrella, for crisis management reasons of their illegal bio-organic weapons development, had many of its people working in the Police department."
  • "I think you're a bit confused.... I've -always- been with Umbrella."
  • "It is time... to abandon the sinking ship that is Umbrella."
  • "You will learn the history! .... -I- will write for this world."
  • "Oh yes..."
  • "My... little piggies..."
  • "We shall meet again... before the conclusion of this drama..."

These are quotes from the only currently existing Wesker Call. For a full series of quotes, please refer to his soundboards."

Prank calls[edit]

Wesker calls the Racist Redneck and more (Original upload) (Archived upload)


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