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Alabama Redneck
Traditional depiction of the Alabama Redneck


E.J. (last name unknown)


Prank Call Victim, Victim Soundboard




late 30s, early 40s







The Alabama Redneck was a victim living somewhere in the state of Alabama. He was the recipient at his workplace of a series of prank calls by Pina Philly with multiple soundboards, including the Black Guy, the Jesus Lady, the Philly Thug, the High Redneck and the Young Redneck.[1]

Virtually nothing is known about him, other than the fact that he calls himself E.J. and that he apparently had some substance abuse problems in the past, but was "clean and sober for two years" at the time he was called[1].

No additional calls have been made to him since the originals. A victim soundboard of him is available at Realm of Darkness.


  • "Hello."
  • "This is E.J., who is this?"
  • "Motherfucker, I didn't call your goddamn house! I don't know who in the fuck you think you're calling like that, but I ain't called your goddamn house!"
  • "Come over here and say it! You callin' the wrong motherfucker to be prank callin', bitch, I ain't called your goddamn phone, so ya better watch who the goddamn fuck you're talkin' to!"
  • "You callin' me! I'm a grown-ass man! You wanna play these childish-ass games, you call somebody else!"
  • "You heard me, bitch! So don't call my goddamn phone!"
  • "Who the fuck is this?"
  • "Uhh...I ain't lookin' for nobody, I ain't called no number!"
  • "I ain't tellin' you my address!"
  • "Yeah, I do know Jesus, I pray to him a lot, but, uh...let me tell ya somethin': I don't even know any of y'all, y'all are callin' from the wrooooooooong damn place. But y'all need to quit callin' my place."
  • "I'm not tellin' y'all folks my address, I don't even known who the hell y'all are."
  • "Just hold on, hell!"
  • "Well, fuck shit! Let me see it! Bring it on!"
  • "A drug-head, homeboy? I've been clean and sober, two years! Bring your shit on to my house, I guarantee ya you'll get a forty to the face!"
  • "Fuck you, pussy! Bring your ass on and see what's up!"
  • "Bring it on, pussy! That's all I got to say."
  • "Exactly! 'Cause you a scared little punk bitch, just callin' somebody's phone. So call somebody else."
  • "Man, fuck you and quit callin' my goddamn phone."
  • "I'm not callin' your number, bitch, you callin' mine!"
  • "Where the fuck are you from?!"
  • "Look, bitch, tell me where you're from and I'll come where you're at!"
  • "Call the fuckin' police! Call 'em! I said, call the fuckin' police, call 'em! Tell me where you live and I'll fuckin' meet 'em there! Tell me where you live and I'll meet 'em there! I'll bring 'em with me!"
  • "I'm at work, bitch! Some folks work for a livin'!"
  • "I said, y'all need to quit callin' my goddamn phone, before I find out where the fuck y'all are at and come there."
  • "You heard what the fuck I said, ya dumb motherfucker!"
  • "I can't understand ya, you got a cock in your mouth or somethin', so quit callin' my goddamn phone!"

Prank calls[edit]

Date Title Caller Victim Notes Ref.
N/A Alabama Redneck Gets Prank Called Pina Philly Alabama Redneck Original call. [1]
N/A Alabama Redneck, Racist Redneck, Angry Mother & Others Call Used Car Salesmen Waste668 Male victim [2]
October 14, 2009 Alabama Redneck, Satanic Racist & The Student Harass A Stoned Black Man Waste668 Male victim [3]
November 2, 2009 Satanic Racist, Black Hitler, Alabama Redneck & More Assault An Abortion Clinic Waste668 Various [4]
May 13, 2010 White Trash Girl & Alabama Redneck Call A Hispanic Thug ThePrankCallDictator Male victim [5]
January 1, 2011 Alabama redneck prank call Mangyfish69 Teenage couple [6]
May 16, 2011 Mopar Man and friends calling for tires from a rolled dodge Rawpranks Various [7]


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