Alabama Alcoholic

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Alabama Alcoholic
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Traditional depiction of Alabama Alcoholic


Prank Call Victim, Victim Soundboard

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The Alabama Alcoholic is a call victim discovered by prankster PiK in January of 2018. He generally maintains the attitude of a docile, if not incoherent habitual alcoholic when conversing with mild soundboards such as The Bail Bondsman, however, he exhibits a short temperament toward offensive and less-sensical boards.


The original call to the Alabama Alcoholic is that of a casual chat with The Bail Bondsman, as he quickly took amusement to Fred and his wide variety of bizarre discussion topics. Fred's recollections of former Alcoholics Anonymous participation particularly intrigued the Alabama Alcoholic, prompting him to incoherently joke about meeting attractive women at AA meetings. He furthers the topic of alcohol to reveal that he's fond of Colt 45 Malt Liquor, boasting that he was once able to drink an entire twenty-four can pack before returning for yet another can. This is likely a joke, yet his disposition of alcohol, combined with incoherent babbling, indicate that he has a strong history with alcohol abuse. After a brief, friendly "conversation," the call furthers into standard prank confusion, upon which Alabama Alcoholic reveals a mistaken belief that Fred was an acquaintance. He then repeatedly inquires as to how his number was obtained. Instead, Fred insists that Alabama Alcoholic go to sleep, which he repeatedly refutes until finally, he receives a call on another phone ringing in the background. With a swift exchange of farewells, the call ends on a positive note.

PiK would contact Alabama Alcoholic once again several days later, this time using several elderly victim soundboards such as The Welsh Chief, Confused Old Man, and Stilwell Grandma; each of which Alabama Alcoholic became increasingly annoyed with as he lamented his increasing anger and demanded they cease calling. The main event to this series of calls however, would be the use of an Alabama Alcoholic soundboard that the prankster promptly assembled after collecting a batch of irate lines to mix with friendlier ones obtained from the original call. This resulted in a hilarious exchange of drunken incoherence, as Alabama Alcoholic was completely incapable of discerning his own inebriated voice.

His number was then given by PiK to the Palumbo Squad (Hooch Pandersnatch and thebailbondshelectric); each of whom would make a notable series of calls to him. He has had several more conversations with his own soundboard, as well as soundboards of Officer Ed Powell, Officer Hart, and the Fire Chief.


  • "Dere go dem women!"
  • "I don't work nowhere. Work on these women!"
  • "I used to put away some liquor and the beer and you never see me stagger."
  • "I can drink a up whole 24 can of Colt .45 and go and get another and drink half of it."
  • "I ain't no Mexican."
  • "That's the best I can do when my feet ain't tearing me apart."
  • "Johnny Jackson."
  • "Johnny J."
  • "Piece of shit!"
  • "You go to sleep tonight, too."
  • "You still got your crazy ass on this phone!?"
  • "What goin on witchya?"
  • "Get the fuck off my phone!"
  • "Look the numba up."
  • "Your making me angry as hell!"
  • "I"m older than you are then hey, man, you know, hey."
  • "I'm in Alabama."
  • "You 72?"
  • "Can't have no fun with these bad foot of mine."
  • "Dis is Fred?"
  • "No, you get lost!"
  • "I thought you was somebody down here i know."
  • "I was in the kitchen cooking."
  • "No, you the bitch."
  • "Hey, look woman. I don't care."
  • Crazy ass bitch!"

Prank Calls[edit]

Date Title Caller Victim Notes Ref.
Jan 20, 2018 Fred calls Drunk Old Alabama Man PiK Alabama Alcoholic Original call [1]
Jan 29, 2018 The Return of Henry the Alabama Drunk PiK Alabama Alcoholic [2]
February 9, 2018 Alabama Alcohloic vs. Alabama Alcoholic [Pt. I-IV] thebailbondshelectric Alabama Alcoholic [3]
March 19, 2018 Investigating Henry Hooch Pandersnatch Alabama Alcoholic [4]
May 20, 2018 Henry Makes A Few New Friends Hooch Pandersnatch Alabama Alcoholic [5]