A Nightmare on Burton Street

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A Nightmare on Burton Street
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Prank Call Series

Prank Caller(s)

Mr88Nismo, TheGoldenPhone

Soundboard(s) used

Rick the Mullet Man, Deputy Martin, Chris the Hacker, Deputy Duncan, Random Asshole


Michael Shockley and various residents of a neighborhood in Sugar Creek, Missouri.


7 parts, appox. 10 min. a piece

A Nightmare on Burton Street was a controversial multi-part series of prank calls to ten homes in a neighborhood in Sugar Creek, Missouri.[1]

It is frequently billed as a collaborative work between Mr88Nismo and TheGoldenPhone, though the prior asserts he merely posted the calls on his channel and had no part in them. The prankster primarily employed the Rick the Mullet Man soundboard; however, cameos were made by Deputy Duncan, Deputy Martin, Random Asshole, and Chris the Hacker.

The February 2010 incident, which unfolded two weeks after the calls had been placed,[2] is itself referenced most commonly as A Nightmare on Burton Street, Burton Street, the Sugar Creek incident,[3] or along such lines.


The prank calls was the result of a collaboration between Mr88Nismo (who now asserts he only hosted them on his channel for TheGoldenPhone, and did not take part in them) and TheGoldenPhone. It holds the infamous distinction of resulting in a lingering police investigation and multiple but brief exposés of the Soundboard Prank Call community on a local FOX News in early 2010.[4][5][6][7] The name is a reference to the popular Freddy Krueger horror film series. Following the exposé by the Kansas City FOX station, in which the Sugar Creek Police Chief stated that YouTube would be heavily monitored, several prank callers, including the aforementioned Mr88Nismo and TheGoldenPhone, briefly left his YouTube account (later starting up another account, TheGoldenPhone2), and Mr88Nismo account was suspended.

The report even managed to catch the attention of Frank Garrett himself, who made reference to it in a couple of Mr88Nismo's prank calls to him, with a Rick the Mullet Man soundboard.[8][9] Chris Perron too is well aware of the prank calls made to Burton Street, as he mentioned during a prank call to him with Internet Telemarketer. In a hyperbole, Chris claims that the prank "affected a whole community."[10]Though it has not yet been proven, it is thought that Rick may also be aware of this incident.



Soundboard community[edit]

Reception in the prank calling community was essentially uniformly positive until the incident with the police began to unfold. The series remains divisive today, and attitudes towards it are comparable with those towards the Rick the Mullet Man soundboard itself. Specifically, the violence and content of the Burton Street calls has been bashed for its lack of good humor, and for being laced with constant screaming, rather than the standard confusion or annoyance.

Police reaction[edit]

Actual likeness of
Det. Virginia Deboard

Two weeks after the series was completed, the Sugar Creek Police Department spoke with a local FOX News about its investigation into the calls. Detective Virginia Deboard stated:

"They recorded him and now are using his voice to call other people [...] With his voice, they are using the words he used toward them because they kept calling him. He got angry."[11]

Deboard alleges that she contacted "phone companies, the Federal Communications Commission, and other law enforcement agencies to track down the pranksters, which can be difficult.[12]

Frank Garrett was rightfully not believed to be a likely suspect, though along with the University of Florida and Washington, D.C., Stilwell, Oklahoma was acknowledged as a possible launching ground for the calls.[13]


The calls remain a controversy amongst the prank call community. Several prank callers and fans have showed high praise by referring to it as the greatest prank call series of all time, while others have criticized the series, labeling it and the Rick soundboard as the downfall of the prank call community.

The series allowed the community to attain another policeman soundboard, that of Sergeant Jonathan Fields.[14]

Return to Burton Street[edit]

Part two.

On July 30, 2014, American prankster Billybob James put out a teaser trailer[15] promising a part two in time for the fifth anniversary of the incident in February 2015.

American prank callers Harassment CALLER and PrankCallingTime are also supposed to be taking part in the calls.

The teaser trailer appeared to be very well recived by Billybob Jame's fans.

As of now A Nightmare on Burton Street 2: Return To Burton Street is not happening/is on hold due to the recent incident[16] of the Rick the Mullet Man sound board has been really active in Independence, MO since September 11. 2014. Resulting in the Independence Police to get active again.

On May 7, 2016, a caller by the name of The Phantom Dailer uploaded a video called Return To Burton Street. (Part 1)



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