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AA Guy
AA Guy.jpg
Traditional depiction of the AA Guy


Prank Call Victim, Victim Soundboard


operator / counselor for Alcoholics Anonymous


unknown, possibly late 30's, early 40's or older





New Jersey (formerly)

The AA Guy is a victim of Dr. Phil. He is an employee of Alcoholics Anonymous.[1]

This call is very notable for being used to anger Angry Mother & Son successfully.[2]


  • "Okay, do you have me on speaker of something? Because it's difficult to hear you."
  • "I'm from New Jersey originally."
  • "I'm really not trying to have an argument, I'm trying to provide a service."
  • "That's a very good question sir."
  • "Now, sir, there's two things I can do for you, I can direct you to AA meeting in your part of town, or I might be to try to get that could call you and perhaps talk to you...if you'd like to stop drinking.
  • "Then there's really nothing I can do for you."

Prank calls[edit]

Date Title Caller Victim Notes Ref.
2009 Dr. Phil calls Alcoholics Anonymous The Drunk German AA Guy Original call. [1]
N/A Drug and Alcohol Lady, AA Guy, and Jesus Lady call Angry Mother and Son EFM Angry Mother & Son [2]
N/A The Gang Causes Confusion Brian79camino Various [3]
N/A The Student, Angry Mother And Son, AA Guy, And Angry Barber Brian79camino Various [4]
N/A AA Guy, Angry Mother And Son, And Life Coach Brian79camino Male victim [5]
July 3, 2009 AA guy convinces a man to stop drinking enjoiCam John [6]
2010 Calls to the Colossal Racist Couple Itzamurda Colossal Racist Bitch and Colossal Racist Bitch's Husband [7]
July 23, 2011 ABG, The Student, Redneck Bitch, Toilet Lady, And AA Guy Brian79camino Various [8]



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