A&S Roofing

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A&S Roofing
Actual photo of A&S Roofing


Business, Prank call victim location

Associated Victim(s)

Tom the Pissed-Off Roofer


2604 S. Hackley St.
Muncie, Indiana


Tom Adkins


Barbara Adkins (Tom's wife and the company's receptionist), presumably several others

A&S Roofing is the business owned and operated by Thomas A. Adkins, better known as "Tom the Pissed Off Roofer", and his wife, Barbara. The business has a long history of being a target for harassment, starting in 2007, when Tom and his infamous temper, for which he was named, were discovered. Regular prank calls to the company eventually stopped in 2010, after Tom found somehow found out about his internet presence, possibly having been tipped-off like the Jackass Plumber, the Yellers and Karen the Librarian. Following that, only a few calls have been made to the business since.


Not very much about the company is known, apart from what could be gathered from the company's website. The Company was started in 1969 by Tom and in 1984 Tom filed for incorporation.

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