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A screenshot of DatBoys.org.

666j1 is a retired Dutch prank caller, video editor, and web designer who was active on YouTube from 2008 to 2012. Though perhaps not as visible as other Duncan-era pranksters, he nevertheless attained a well-respected status in the Soundboard Prank Calling Community. Unlike many pranksters of the era, 666j1 often used his own voice in his calls and had lengthy conversations with Charles, Chris the Hacker, and Duncan, the latter comically referring to him as "Mr. Smoothie."

666j1 was part of the original callers to Chris the Hacker and, with the possible exception of MistahBlonde, was responsible some of the most infamous pranks during the three-year prank call series. These included the April 2009 call Chris the Hacker gets nimp'd in which the prankster led Chris to believe that typing in "a certain URL" would lead him to a website about "him being run by pranksters." Instead, the site in question spawned an endless fury of fast-moving pop-up windows displaying various hardcore male-on-male porn and scat pics, and attempted to upload a virus into his computer. This was accompanied by the loud sound clip; "HEY EVERYBODY!! I'M LOOKING AT GAY PORNO!!" playing in an endless loop. Needless to say, Chris was not amused.

In 2011, 666j1 created a parody website of the victim's company at DatBoys.org. The site in question claims to recover Narcissistic personality disorders with treatments including "locating narcissism in your vagina," and "spoof narcissism recovery." The website is accompanied by a looping sound clip in which Chris claims to manipulate narcissism. A feature of the website was the web game Operation Data Spoofer, possibly the first-ever soundboard game, featuring Chris the Hacker as the main protagonist.

After DatBoys closed in May 2012, Chris blamed the failure of his company on the Prank Calling Community, specifically naming 666j1 and MistahBlonde, during a conversation with ImmaArnie. 666j1, who had not spoken Chris in over two years, subsequently challenged his claims in a call with "Tom the Fag." It was during this conversation that Chris alleged he was in contact with the "Danish police" and FBI, greatly amusing both panksters, and engaging them in yet another bizarre conversation. Four months later, 666j1 redesigned DatBoys.org as the 'Chris Perron Show', a homage to the 1998 film The Truman Show, which claimed to be following Chris Perron 24/7 with hidden cameras, that Boston is actually a giant dome that serves as a giant studio, and that every aspect of Chris's life is being controlled and manipulated.

Prior to going into retirement, in 2009; 666j1 hacked a random account and gave out the password, Lolomfgz, to which Bladez636 took advantage of, which today houses one of the largest collections of lost soundboard calls.

Prank Calls[edit]

Date Title Caller / Soundboard Victim Duration Notes Ref.
February 9, 2009 Xenu calls scientology 666j1 Church of Scientology 5:07 [1]
February 9, 2008 Scientology bel air'd 666j1 Church of Scientology 0:35 [2]
February 9, 2009 Hamir calls scientology 666j1 Church of Scientology 2:51 [3]
January 5, 2009 Duncan tries to get medical attention Duncan Various 3:38 [4]
January 14, 2009 Randomshit Chris Hansen, Duncan, and Half-Life Scientist Various 6:36 This was a three-way call with Maximusclecyclone. [5]
January 18, 2009 Duncan leaves Viva Las Vegas a voicemail Duncan Male victim 3:27 [6]
January 20, 2009 The Jackass Plumber threatens to hack Duncan's computer Duncan Jackass Plumber 1:42 [7]
January 30, 2009 Duncan gets harassed by drug abuse line Duncan Male victim 2:32 [8]
January 31, 2009 Duncan calls another drug line, includes Duncan, Black Jesus Lady, White Jesus Lady and a Black Guy Duncan, Black Jesus Lady, White Jesus Lady, and Black Guy Various 9:28 [9]
February 3, 2009 Hello?! Village Idiot Various 5:25 [10]
February 13, 2009 Duncan's Darkest Secrets Duncan Alcoholics Anonymous 5:36 [11]
February 14, 2009 Robert Lane calls the Hacker Chinaman, Duncan, and "Robert Lane" Chris the Hacker 7:05 [12]
February 17, 2009 Duncan re-calls A-Z Pawn shop Duncan Charles 4:44 [13]
March 17, 2009 The Hacking Genius Chronicles, Part 1 666j1 Chris the Hacker 9:26 [14]
March 17, 2009 The Hacking Genius Chronicles, Part 2 666j1 Chris the Hacker 9:25 [15]
March 17, 2009 The Hacking Genius Chronicles, Part 3 666j1 Chris the Hacker 5:06 [16]
April 15, 2009 Chris the Hacker gets nimp'd 666j1 Chris the Hacker 9:56 [17]
June 16, 2009 Duncan gets reported to the CIA Duncan Alcoholics Anonymous 6:26 [18]
August 1, 2009 Chris the Hacker is playing games with Duncan Duncan and Chris the Hacker Various 7:52 [19]
September 11, 2009 Chris on Skype 666j1 and Tom the Fag Chris the Hacker 10:06 [20]
September 18, 2009 A convo with (the real) Frank Garrett 666j1 Duncan 1:58 [21]
December 16, 2009 Christmas call to Frank Garrett '09 666j1 Duncan 3:17 [22]
December 22, 2009 Christmas with Duncan, A-Z Pawn's Charles, and Chris the Hacker Duncan Duncan, Charles, and Chris the Hacker 7:06 [23]
May 25, 2012 Chris the Hacker goes emo 666j1 and Tom the Fag Chris the Hacker 10:11 [24]

Parody videos[edit]

Date Title Duration Notes Ref.
February 1, 2009 Duncan Destruction: The Video Game Duncan 1:52 [25]
March 24, 2009 Chris Chan: A Madman Rising Chris-chan 1:58 [26]
March 25, 2009 Chris Chan in the Sims Chris-chan 0:58 [27]
July 2, 2009 Chris Chan on the AXE Lady Show Chris-chan 0:47 [28]


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