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The 2008 Duncan Scare, less commonly known as the first Duncan Scare or Library Incident)[1] was an incident in April 2008, which resulted in the Soundboard Prank Call community removing almost all Duncan-related prank calls, soundboards, and media from both YouTube and various other websites such as Realm of Darkness (which removed all victim soundboards and calls),[2][3] based on the erroneous fear of legal repercussions. Such fears were seemingly credible at the time, though would later come to be proven as baseless.


Behind the whole thing was a short recording of a Duncan prank call to the Stilwell Public Library in Frank Garrett's hometown. This in itself, was nothing new, as they had been pranked multiple times with the Duncan soundboard before and had threatened each time to involve the police. This time, however, one of the librarians revealed that they now knew it was not the real Frank Garrett who had been calling them. Additionally, she claimed that both they and Frank had already filed reports with the police department about it and that they knew about the YouTube videos and had reported them (see transcript below)[4]. The fact that they somehow found out about the YouTube videos gave a frightening amount of credibility to the supposed threat and has lead some people to speculate that they were tipped-off by a rat in the prank call community.

Not long after it was made, the call was released anonymously through the webmaster of one of the various prank call websites and the alarm quickly began to spread throughout the Soundboard Prank Call community. Xaozzz, who had been behind many of the Duncan prank calls, even posted a video telling people about the call and warning anyone with Duncan-related media or calls on their YouTube accounts to get rid of them ASAP, due to the threat of legal problems. The warning was heeded and incredibly, within about a week's time, the number of Duncan-related videos on YouTube dropped from hundreds, down to one single call, Duncan calls Domino's, which continues to survive today as the oldest Duncan call still on YouTube.

Fortunately for all, the whole thing turned out largely to be much ado about nothing. In the end, nobody was arrested and only a few people actually had their YouTube accounts suspended over it. Sadly, however, there was one lasting effect of this incident, from which the Soundboard Prank Call community has never fully recovered: although most have since been restored, more than a few of the prank calls and parodies that were removed are seemingly lost forever, as some people (especially the more prolific pranksters) even went as far as deleting the original copies off of their own computers, in case they were seized by the authorities.

Subsequent scares[edit]

Ironically, a second scare would occur in early 2010 after a series of threatening prank calls with the Rick the Mullet Man soundboard were made to a neighborhood in Sugar Creek, Missouri. While not directly connected to Duncan, the use of Frank Garrett's name on the Rick soundboard and during the calls in question was enough to bring the current crop of Duncan-related material to the attention of the cops and the news media. This resulted in an ongoing police investigation and a short exposé of the Soundboard Prank Call community on the local FOX News station.

Yet another scare happened in 2011, again involving the Rick soundboard and the use of Frank Garrett's name, after an unknown prankster made what was interpreted by the authorities as a bomb threat to the Houston, Texas Police Department (likely, they misheard Rick's "I'm gonna blow you away like lint." line). As with the Sugar Creek incident, the threatening call attracted the attention of local and federal investigators and resulted in a second short exposé of the Soundboard Prank Call community on the local FOX News station, which made reference to the earlier incident.

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Transcript and Audio of the Warning Call[edit]

Librarian: Public library, Karen.
Duncan: This is Frank Garrett. Ya stupid motherfucker!
Librarian: No, it isn't.
Duncan: Can't you take a hint? I don't want to talk to ya.
Librarian: Look...we know you're not Frank Garrett...
Duncan: (while librarian is speaking) Asshole! Asshole! Fuck you. You stupid cocksucker!
Librarian: ...the police department's already got the report, Frank's already filed a report against you...I've already turned you in to...YouTube...so...give it up! Okay? Bye. [*hangs up*]

Duncan: Asshole!

File:Duncan library scare.ogg


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