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xferrari300x is a prank call snitch responsible for alerting Walsh to the existence of the Prank Calling Community. Originally a fan of prank calls, xferrari300x became fed up with the number of calls placed to Walsh and his restaurant, Little India Grill. To that end, he called the restaurant and informed one of the employees about soundboards and the Community, recording the conversation and later uploading it to YouTube as proof.

While placing his snitch call, xferrari300x impersonated Chris the Hacker and, in order to make himself sound more believable, claimed to be part of a non-existent group called the People Against Prank Calls Association (PAPCA). He also ran a filter to hide his voice, disguising it with a high-pitched, chipmunk-like effect.

He originally acted very smug about what he'd done, as evidenced by his replies—most of which consisted of foul language and childish insults—to PranksAreUs83 and other users who called him out over it. As a measure of retaliation, a copy of the recording was later re-filtered by ThePhonePirate and reposted on YouTube by the user HarlemBarber, with xferrari300x's real voice now able to be heard. This appeared to greatly anger the snitch, upon his discovery of it. He wrote:


xFerrari300x has since closed his account on YouTube for unknown reasons, possibly due to all the trolling and harassment he received in the time after the snitch call was released.

In a recent comment by PranksAreUs84 on a Walsh Call reupload, he states that he visited the restaurant and the elderly lady and Walsh have completely forgotten about all the stuff that xFerrari300x told them in the snitch call, making his call very irrelevant. Technically, they are victims that do not know about the soundboard community because of this.

Comment By PranksAreUs84 on the YouTube Video:
"First off, let me say thank you so much for having these calls saved. Its a shame you dont have parts 6 n 7. I was wondering if you have parts 11-the final part (I dont remember how many.)? I am downloading them all except part 9. Walsh and the lady working there forgot all about what he told them. xFerrari300x failed miserably to alert them as they still have no idea about any of the soundboard community stuff. If you're reading this xFerrari300x, fuck off man. You're pathetic attempt of alerting the sb community was so awful."

Listen to the call (de-chipmunked version): File:Snitch call dechipmunked.ogg