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Traditional depiction of the Number One Cunt.

The Number One Cunt is a prank call victim and victim soundboard initially discovered by SEECO1000 and introduced to the public by Hooch Pandersnatch on August 7, 2018.

Number One Cunt was first called by SEECO1000 where she was woken up at 4 A.M. with a soundboard of The Prosecutor. Shortly thereafter, she called back and was greeted with a soundboard of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

At the time of the original calls, Seeco was using Hooch Pandersnatch's Skype account. Approximately 6 hours later, Pandersnatch logged on to Skype unaware of anything that had taken place during the night before. Within minutes of him logging on, he was greeted with a barrage of profanity and threat filled phone calls from Number One Cunt that went on for over two hours. During that time, Hooch answered her calls with soundboards of Satanic Racist, Canadian Teens, Colossal Racist Bitch, Yankee Tough Guy, and Rick The Mullet Man. After repeated threats by Rick to get the police involved, she was later called back by Officer Hart. Undeterred by the prospect of law enforcement responding to her calls, her threats continued. Eventually, Officer Hart decides to put his "boss" on the phone, who is revealed to be none other than Springfield Pervert. The conversation then shifts from threats to graphic descriptions of various sex acts.

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