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Soundboard Universe
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Blastard Studios




June 25, 2013

Building upon the success of their popular Irate Black Man Animated Series, in June 2013, Blastard Studios launched Soundboard Universe, a greatly-expanded spin-off series with a larger cast and story lines that go beyond just the misadventures of the Irate Black Man and Richard Dimpo, to include other popular soundboard characters and prank victims.

Originally, Blastard had planned to do a second season of Irate Black Man Animated Series episodes, but decided to launch Soundboard Universe instead, announcing in a promo video on May 21, 2013 that, "IRATE BLACK MAN ANIMATED SERIES IS OVER!"[1]

Set in the fictional city of Prankville, USA, as with the previous series, Soundboard Universe features flash animated versions of popular soundboard prank call victims, who are voiced using recordings of their real-life counterparts.

So far, one complete season of 4 episodes has been released, with a second season announced to be on the way.



Season/Episode Date of premiere Episode title Info
1/1/1 June 25, 2013 Old F*cks First-ever episode. Sick Old Man and Drunk Al get in a fight, while Stilwell Grandma and Dave Morgan fall in love and "get it on", not knowing they are being watched by the Springfield Pervert. Also features cameos from Irate Black Man, Tom the Pissed-Off Roofer, Drug & Alcohol Lady, Bail Bondsman, Birmingham Redneck, Harlem Barber and Tiesha.
2/1/2 August 18, 2013 Blow Jobs The Irate Black Man applies for a bodyguard job at B.I.G. Records and is insulted by R.L., the obnoxious head of their legal department, provoking him into a shooting rampage. Meanwhile, the Springfield Pervert gets a job at a dildo factory, Dave Morgan is abducted by Martians, and the Colossal Racist Bitch—who now truly lives up to her name, thanks to the Martians—terrorizes the city, Godzilla-style. Also features a cameo from the Chinaman.
3/1/3 September 20, 2013 Doosh Diggler This episode picks up where "Blow Jobs" left off. Irate Black Man, ABG, Rick and the Birmingham Redneck team-up to battle the Colossal Racist Bitch with their respective guns. Meanwhile, the Martian spaceships begin zapping everyone with a cloning ray, creating off-color duplicates of various Prankville residents, who immediately begin a war of words with their "originals". The situation takes a drastic turn when several copies of the Irate Black Man are created, setting the stage for a massive gun battle between them in the next episode. Also features cameos from the Satanic Racist, Spirit of Truth and Deputy Martin.
4/1/4 December 29, 2013 Biggest Dicks The hundreds of Irate Black Man clones quickly reduce Prankopolis to a bloody, bullet-riddled warzone as they begin shooting everyone and everything in sight, especially each other. The bedlam prompts a special news report by Channel 13's Donald Dipshit warning people to avoid the city at all costs and a decidedly more apathetic statement from President Douglas Quaid. In the end, the Martians abduct the real Irate Black Man and take him aboard a UFO, where he is disarmed and shrunk, leading to the surprise reveal of the real villain behind all the chaos. Also features appearances from the Chinaman, Drunk Al, Mad Mopar Man, Drug & Alcohol Lady, Bail Bondsman, New York City Cunt, the Drunk Guy and ABG.
5/2/1 TBA Cawkie Monster TBA


Name Info First appearance Last appearance
Irate Black Man aka "Norman Thaddeus Monroe" Local violent thug; gets hired as ABG's bodyguard in the second episode Old F*cks (cameo only) Biggest Dicks
Richard Dimpo Irate Black Man's neighbor from the previous series Old F*cks (non-speaking cameo only) Biggest Dicks
Drug & Alcohol Lady Richard Dimpo's mother; has a weird obsession with anal sex Old F*cks Biggest Dicks (archive footage)
Bail Bondsman The alcoholic owner of a bail bonds service. Old F*cks Biggest Dicks (cameo)
Tom the Pissed-Off Roofer Owner of "Anus Roofing" Old F*cks Doosh Diggler
Birmingham Redneck Employee at "DownedTown Books" Old F*cks Doosh Diggler
Harlem Barber The short-tempered, violent owner of a barber shop Old F*cks Old F*cks
Tiesha Harlem Barber's angry wife, also works at the barber shop Old F*cks Doosh Diggler
Drunk Al Local drunk, often pukes all over everything and everybody Old F*cks Biggest Dicks (archive footage)
Sick Old Man Angry, racist old man who is often seen cussing people out and threatening them Old F*cks Blow Jobs (cameo)
Springfield Pervert aka Springfeel Local sexual deviant and voyeur who gets-off on spying on people; works at a dildo factory Old F*cks Blow Jobs
Stilwell Grandma Angry old lady who lives near the city park and yells at Drunk Al and the Crazy Sick Old Man, when they start to fight; has a sexual relationship with Stuck in the Elevator Guy Old F*cks
Stuck in the Elevator Guy aka Dave Morgan Angry old man who gets in a yelling match with Stilwell Grandma, leading to love at first sight; the two are later shown to have begun a sexual relationship. Gets abducted out of an elevator by Martians in the second episode. Old F*cks Biggest Dicks (cameo)
Black Guy aka "ABG" Rap artist for B.I.G. Records; IBM gets hired as his bodyguard in the second episode Blow Jobs (likeness is seen on posters only) Biggest Dicks
Rude Lawyer aka "R.L." Obnoxious head of B.I.G. Records' legal department; insults the Irate Black Man in his first appearance, provoking him into a shooting rampage Blow Jobs
The Prosecutor aka "Mr. Mordock" Head of the legal department for Penis Incorporated, the dildo factory that the Springfield Pervert works at; propositions the Springfield Pervert in his first appearance Blow Jobs Blow Jobs
Colossal Racist Bitch Former Martian abductee who gets returned to earth and transformed into a Godzilla-sized colossus; rampages through the city spouting racial epithets Blow Jobs Doosh Diggler
Chinaman Foreigner who speaks broken English Blow Jobs (cameo only; is seen an alley being cussed-out by Crazy Sick Old Man) Biggest Dicks
Satanic Racist Doosh Diggler (non-speaking cameo only) Doosh Diggler
Deputy Martin Local cop, hangs out at "Big Dadeez Pizza" Doosh Diggler Doosh Diggler
Spirit of Truth aka "Reverend X" Doosh Diggler (non-speaking cameo only) Biggest Dicks (non-speaking cameo)
Rick the Mullet Man aka "Rick Mullet" AR-15 toting local with a mullet and an attitude Doosh Diggler Biggest Dicks (non-speaking cameo, seen in a pile of bodies)
Donald Dipshit Anchorman for Prankville's local news station, Channel 13 (original character) Biggest Dicks Biggest Dicks
Mad Mopar Man Short-tempered local, one of several new characters Biggest Dicks Biggest Dicks
President Douglas Quaid Fictional President of the United States in Soundboard Universe, voiced by Arnold Schwarzenegger. Very apathetic about the fate of Prankopolis Biggest Dicks Biggest Dicks