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Snitches refer to people who provide information about a prank caller or the Soundboard Prank Calling Community to a prank call victim or, more seriously, law-enforcement agencies. There have been one or more "snitches" active in the community since early-2008 and may have had a role in the 2008 Duncan Scare.[1]

Activities can range from leaving messages on websites such as [2] to contacting victims directly. The most infamous of these is Xferrari300x, a teenage YouTube user, who contacted an employee at the Little India Grill, recorded the call, and uploaded the conversation to YouTube to taunt other pranksters, but failed to make the employees fully aware as PranksAreUs84 stated that they still have no idea what any of the soundboard community stuff was all about. Steven Nowlander, another Youtuber, also made a video calling soundboard pranksters "silenced cowards" over the Little India Grill series.

In April 2012, LifeChangingCalls was arrested for making prank calls to 911 call centers. It was alleged at the time that the prankster was providing information to authorities in exchange for leniency.[3]

There is also speculation that Chris the Hacker may be the unknown informant who tipped-off the Yellers to the recordings of the prank calls made to them.

As recently as December 9, 2012, an informant called the Respected Gentleman almost two weeks after the first call was uploaded to YouTube.[4] According to Tom0900060, the YouTube user Redbic22 was the snitch who informed Porn Shop Whigger of her YouTube series.[5]


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A number of victims who claimed to have been informed by anonymous tipsters include:


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