Satanic Racist

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Satanic Racist
Traditional depiction of the Satanic Racist


Thomas "Tom" Howard Stanphill III


escort business operator; possible former Marine.


May 9, 1964 (age 52)




Prank call victim, Victim soundboard


Denver Colorado


Sharon Selby[1] (divorced)[2]


At least one son
and one daughter (Brittany Nicole (nee: Stanphill))[3]

Additional Information

Has been in the escort business since 1994

Facebook Account

Too many parameters

The Satanic Racist is an escort service owner. He started as a victim of an Asian woman who was called by Arnold Schwarzenegger. He was also pranked in the same call by the Life Coach and the Epic Crazy Lady's Husband. Additional lines were created when he was called by soundboards of Springfield Pervert (whom he made fun of for being homosexual), Philly Thug (whom he slurred and insulted for being unemployed), and others.

The soundboard is easily one of the most racist (if not the most racist) soundboards in existence, containing numerous racial slurs against those of African descent, and extremely gruesome threats of violence, should the caller show up or give his/her address. In addition, the Satanic Racist boasts about being a "fuckin' devil" and "sending dark energy"; hence the name "Satanic Racist." Ironically, he may be a Catholic, as during a call by Jesus Lady, he demonstrated his knowledge of Latin prayers. In recent calls, he stated that he is indeed a Christian (although, the recording of that call is elusive).

As of August 2012, the Satanic Racist works at Full House Escorts in Chicago, IL. In March of 2013, a caller called his voicemail, revealing the Satanic Racist's first name is Tom.

Shortly after the original prank calls were made, the Satanic Racist moved to Scottsdale, Arizona, running another escort-service, "Alley Cats Escorts." In a November 2013 call, he was heard going insane, screaming when confronted with his own soundboard. This video would shortly be flagged, then removed by YouTube.

The Return of Satanic Racist[edit]

Actual likeness of the Satanic Racist

On April 4th, 2013, a call was released by an anonymous caller via YouTuber Whoruandwherdyoulive's channel, in which it is revealed that the Satanic Racist has been aware of the soundboard prank-calling community for over three years, intending to press charges on the prank callers who had called his business, similar to the likes of Chris the Hacker.

The Satanic Racist has made claims that he has the caller's IP Address' also making claims that the pranksters are committing felonies. If anything does come out of these recent events, he will most likely be in the most trouble, for threatening people's lives with sexual torture and graphic violence.

The Satanic Racist's real-life parents were called by Pranktz with his soundboard, and convinced by the prankster their son was calling them, then were called the Satanic Racist himself. This, no doubt, caused Lou to become even more unhinged than ever.

In summer of 2013, it was revealed that the Satanic Racist's full name is Thomas Stanphill. It was also revealed through a Google search of his name and "escort service owner pleads guilty", that he was sentenced to 21 months in prison, for operating escort-services in Denver, Chicago, Toronto and Phoenix on March 11, 2000. [4]

Like Chris, it seemed unlikely that anything would come of these threats. While the claim of legal action remained dubious, given his previous criminal record, Lou was apparently successful in contacting YouTube to close Sir Cranksalot's channel, in late-August. Oddly, Lou identified Sir Cranksalot by name, despite Sir Cranksalot having never called him. A YouTube poster named "Tom Jones" had previously left several comments on Pranktz' videos, claiming that the prankster was under investigation by the state of Illinois, offering a $500 reward for information of Sir Cranksalot's identity. 

In Early April of 2014, an anonymous prank-caller, attempting to inflict some life into the ever-shallowing of the Prank-Call Community, called a Suicide-Hotline, claiming to be Thomas, stating he was going to kill his parents, then himself, with an AR-15. A SWAT team was dispatched to Stanphill's parent's home.

In addition to his knowledge of the prank calling community and threats of legal action to prank-callers, the Satanic Racist seems to be aware of Chris the Hacker's presence, a fellow prank call victim and knows about Chris' downfall after the closure of Datboys Data Recovery, as stated in fortunecookiesucks' first call to him.

Satanic Racist vs. Fortunecookiesucks[edit]

Tom Stanphill also attempted to close the account of YouTuber "Fortunecookiesucks". In a video made in August, fortunecookiesucks claimed that his account received a strike,[5] for "harrassing text conversations", despite the fact that he had never called the Satanic Racist. As with Pranktz and SirCranksAlot, the Satanic Racist allegedly posted comments under the user-name "Tom Jo

nes", this time offering $5000 in exchange for information.[6] The Satanic Racist seemed to have the delusion that fortunecookiesucks was the prankster calling him, when in reality, he never had.

Information was given (probably inaccurate) to Tom by fortunecookiesucks, that he resides in China, and is employed as an English teacher [7]. As of October, Tom seemed to be under the impression that fortunecookiesucks is a California pedophile named Darren Scott McQuestion. It seems likely that he was either given information by one of the pranksters, feeding him false information of this person in the California sex registry, [8] it was fortunecookiesucks, despite the fact that there was no evidence to support it.

In October 2013, fortunecookiesucks gave the SR an ultimatum: either speak to him on Skype, get his facts straight, or leave him alone [9].

Concerning the legitimacy of the info given by fortunecookiesucks, it is highly unlikely due to the fact YouTube is banned in The People's Republic of China. Fortunecookiesucks has countered this fact, he uses a VPN (Virtual Private Network).

On February 10, 2014, fortunecookiesucks finally called the Satanic Racist [10] This call would be removed by YouTube, likely due to the Satanic Racist flagging it. The call has since been re-uploaded. [11]

In March 2014, an unknown internet user, presumably the devil himself, in a desperate attempt to stem the growing tides of prank calls to his escort business, deleted the page regarding himself on the Soundboard Prank Calls Wiki. The page was shortly there-after restored.

Satanic Racist vs. Kurdish Julian[edit]

As of 2015, Tom has become as equally fixated on the downfall of a user by the name of Kurdish Julian, who has called him on many occasions using his real voice. Tom, again posting under the user-name "Tom Jones", is once again offering $5000 in exchange for information on him.

The Satanic Racist's high school photo.


The Satanic Racist is usually depicted as Dent "Wildman" Myers, the pistol-packing, owner of "Wildman's Civil War Surplus and Herb Shop" in Kennesaw, Georgia. The store became infamous in recent years due to its politically-incorrect sale of Confederate and Ku Klux Klan memorabilia, and various other 'racist' wares.[12]

As of February 2012, Myers became aware of his image being used to represent the Satanic Racist. In a YouTube interview, he stated he found out after a customer brought a laptop computer into his store, and showed him a prank call parody video [13] in which a YouTube uploader called thebladezmanII had taken footage of an interview Myers had done for Newsweek and dubbed the Satanic Racist's lines over Myers' original dialogue [14]. While Myers appeared to be more amused by it than offended, he was also annoyed his image was being used in connection with the Satanic Racist's profanity-laden dialogue, stating; "I've never used profanity in my life! I've always had an adequate command of the English language that didn't necessitate profanity."[13]

Dent Myers has been pranked with the Satanic Racist soundboard, perhaps the only case of a soundboard being used to call an avatar (aside from those represented by an actual photos), let alone the same avatar used to represent the soundboard.[15]


  • "Call me Lucifer."
  • "Guess you know now, dontcha mother-fucker?"
  • "My friends call me Lou."
  • "I didn't call anybody! You called me!"
  • "I just wanna know who ya been fuckin', ya dirty skank!"
  • "You ain't havin' shit with me, nigger!"
  • "I'll send some dark energy right up yer fuckin' ass."
  • "You know voodoo, you ever heard of Santería, motherfucker?"
  • "Hey, you know what? God ain't gonna bless you, He's gonna shit all over ya, and he's gonna keep doin' it!"
  • "Nigger-lover!"
  • "You don't have enough money to buy fuckin' milk for nigger babies!"
  • "You don't have enough money to buy nigger babies!"
  • "Well good, you don't have a job, so I was right, you ARE a fuckin' nigger. Any self-respecting white man wouldn't have all fuckin' day to talk, would he?"
  • "'Cause you know deep down in your heart, there's some really nasty mother-fuckers that live in this world...and I happen to one of 'em."
  • "I've been in the fuckin' escort-business, and I got more whores than Carter's got liver-pills workin' for me, and more favors than Jesus!"
  • "I'm in Chicago!"
  • "I'm a fuckin' devil, mother-fucker! I'm a fuckin' devil. You got no fuckin' clue! You got no clue, dog!"
  • "I'll mix yer Goddamned eyeballs in a Goddamned bowl of grapes and eat them mother-fuckers and be happy to do it."
  • "I'm comin' for ya now, mother-fucker. Comin' for ya...and I'm gonna hurt you, your family...and I'm gonna make you watch it. Comin' for ya. You wonder what the fuckin' devil's like? You're gonna get to meet him."
  • "I'm gonna take yer dick, I'll cut it off, and stick it in yer Goddamned old lady's ass, and sew it shut!"
  • "I'll call ya anytime I want, and what are you gonna do?"
  • "Yeah, go fuck yourself, nigger.
  • I got a dog here that will fuckin' suck your cock..
  • "Sleep with one eye open!"
  • "I spent ten years in the Marine-Corps, mother-fucker!"
  • "You know what, nigger?!"
  • "I gave you my address; see you I do not!"
  • "I'm so dark and mean you mother-fucker, I'll rip your Goddamned guts out of your fucking asshole, and wrap them around your GOD--DAMNED--NECK."
  • "I'll fuckin' Goddamned rape ya old lady and stick a Goddamned white baby up in her nigger pussy... and then I'll beat her like a Goddamned red-headed stepchild, and THEN have her sent off to jail."
  • "You got shit, nigger..."
  • "Why don't you go get in that hyperbaric chamber with Michael Jackson, and try to make yourself be a white man like that nigger president we got."

Prank Calls[edit]

Date Title Caller Victim Notes Ref.
Arnold's Asian Lady, Life Coach, ECLH Call The Satanic Racist Soundboardking,


Satanic Racist
De Niro Redneck, High Redneck Call The Satanic Racist Satanic Racist [16]
Springfield Pervert Calls The Satanic Racist Soundboardking Satanic Racist [17]
Chow-Yun Fat Calls The Satanic Racist Satanic Racist [18]
Philly Thug Calls The Satanic Racist Soundboardking Satanic Racist [19]
Tom The Pissed Off Roofer Calls The Satanic Racist Satanic Racist [20]
Springfield Pervert Calls The Satanic Racist Again Satanic Racist [21]
Virusmakers Calls The Satanic Racist Virusmakers Satanic Racist [22]
Confused Mexican Calls The Satanic Racist Satanic Racist [23]
Angry Black Guy Calls The Satanic Racist Satanic Racist [24]
Mike The Looney Metal Worker Calls The Satanic Racist TheHoboMolester5000 Satanic Racist [25]
Regan MacNeil Calls The Satanic Racist Satanic Racist [26]
Satanic Lawyer, Satanic Racist Calls Himself Satanic Racist [27]
Jesus Lady Calls The Satanic Racist TheDuncanChrist Satanic Racist [28]
Chris Chan Calls The Satanic Racist Snake Productions Satanic Racist [29]
Codarik, Satanic Racist Calls Himself Codarik Satanic Racist [30]
AA Asshole Calls The Satanic Racist EpicVideoCompiler Satanic Racist [31]
The Satanic Racist's Voicemail Message Satanic Racist [32]
New Call Satanic Racist [33]
New Call 2 TheMasterCall Satanic Racist [34]
The Satanic Racist Sings A Song Satanic Racist Tom was called by the Angry

Black Guy. When he started

swearing, Tom sang this song.

A Conversation With Lucifer (Satanic Racist) Satanic Racist [36]
A Long Chat With Lucifer (Satanic Racist) Charlie Cain Satanic Racist [37]
A Mini Fortunecookie ItsOnlyAPrank Satanic Racist [38]
A Satanic Sense of Humor deathskull99 Satanic Racist [39]
A Satanic Warning Pranktz Satanic Racist [40]
A Talk With The Satanic Racist MistahBlonde, PranksForAll Satanic Racist [41]
Alabama Smartass Calls Sgt. Sheehan Richard Moore Satanic Racist [42]
Bail Bondsman Calls The Satanic Racist ItsOnlyAPrank Satanic Racist [43]
Black Jesus Preaches To Satanic Racist and More GenerationPrank Satanic Racist [44]
Call Him Lucifer ItsOnlyAPrank Satanic Racist [45]
Cawk-A-Thon Pt. I and ⅛ Springfeeeel Satanic Racist,

Redneck Roofer

Dr. Phil Calls Mule Barn (Lou) + THAT Family Fun CalledFromPalmdale Satanic Racist,

That Family

English Teacher Calls Lou (Short) ItsOnlyAPrank Satanic Racist [48]
Frank Calls In The State Police *Surprise At The End* TheHoboMolester5000 Satanic Racist,

Chris The Hacker

Halloween Prank Calls ItsOnlyAPrank Satanic Racist [50]
Homer Scott Checks Up On The Satanic Racist + Bonus GenerationPrank Satanic Racist [51]
How Did Yew Select Them To Be Yer Goats Jack Inoff Satanic Racist [52]
I Personally Speak With Lucifer (Satanic Racist) ItsOnlyAPrank Satanic Racist [53]
Lazy Slut Calls The Cock Inspector and Lou ItsOnlyAPrank Satanic Racist,

Cock Inspector

Losing It - The Satanic Racist Raving and Screaming Satanic Racist [55]
Lou Gets Revised AR15pranks Satanic Racist [56]
Lou Is Back ItsOnlyAPrank Satanic Racist [57]
Lucifer aka Harold Jenkins ItsOnlyAPrank Satanic Racist [58]
Lucifer Returns ItsOnlyAPrank Satanic Racist [59]
Meat Grinder Mike Gives Lou A Call DarkandMean Satanic Racist [60]
Meat Grinder Mike Tells Lou To Get Some Help DarkandMean Satanic Racist [61]
More Satanic Fun CalledFromPalmdale Satanic Racist [62]
New Bay Bondssh Linessh Callssh Pranktz Satanic Racist [63]
New Call To Satanic Racist Officer Rivieri Satanic Racist [64]
New Call To The Satanic Racist 2014 (Prank Call To Lou) Stan stanphill Satanic Racist [65]
Obama Calls The Stilwell Grandma (and Lou) ItsOnlyAPrank Satanic Racist,

Stilwell Grandma

PCL Gives Lou a Call PrankCallLibrary Satanic Racist [67]
Pole Barn Builders CommandoRunningMan Satanic Racist [68]
Pruane Calls Satanic Racist ItsOnlyAPrank Satanic Racist [69]
Quick Call To Satanic Racist ItsOnlyAPrank Satanic Racist [70]
Quick Call To Satanic Racist With Satanic Racist DarkandMean Satanic Racist [71]
Random Asshole Got Pranked By! Hahahahahahaha! TheDamonGant Satanic Racist [72]
Redneck Roofer - Prosecutor - Jackass Plumber - Lou - Cleo CommandoRunningMan Satanic Racist [73]
Redneck Roofer Is Lewd and Lascivious + Satanic Racist Makes A Friend CalledFromPalmdale, ItsOnlyAPrank Satanic Racist [74]
Rick The Mullet Man Calls Satanic Racist Satanic Racist [75]
Satanic Moron CommandoRunningMan Satanic Racist [76]
Satanic Racist 2014 (April) FuggKewandFuggkew Satanic Racist [77]
Satanic Racist Called By Harkness MonsieurHarkness Satanic Racist [78]
Satanic Racist Calls Himself ItsOnlyAPrank Satanic Racist [79]
Satanic Racist Fucked A Chicken Pranktz Satanic Racist [80]
Satanic Racist Gets A Call From A Pissed Off Dispatcher MonsieurHarkness Satanic Racist [81]
Satanic Racist Goes Off Again (Feat. getsomemoredopeinyou) MistahBlonde, getsomemoredopeinyou Satanic Racist [82]
Satanic Racist Has An Episode (Prank Call To Lou) DarkandMean Satanic Racist [83]
Satanic Racist Pawned By Black Jesus MistahBlonde Satanic Racist [84]
Satanic Racist Receives A Call ItsOnlyAPrank Satanic Racist [85]
Satanic Racist Sings To East Texas Hillbilly ItsOnlyAPrank Satanic Racist, East Texas Hillbilly [86]
Satanic Romp (5/3/14) CalledFromPalmdale Satanic Racist [87]
Satanic Weekend #1 ItsOnlyAPrank Satanic Racist [88]
Speaking To The Devil fortunecookiesucks Satanic Racist [89]
Speaking To The Devil - Part 2 Officer Rivieri, CalledFromPalmdale Satanic Racist [90]
"Specious Circumstances" (Call To Satanic Racist) Pran Funkels Satanic Racist [91]
Springfeel Calls The Satanic Racist Whoruandwherdyoulive Satanic Racist [92]
Springfield Calls Satanic Racist (Prank Call To Lou) DarkandMean Satanic Racist [93]
Springfield Pervert Calls The Satanic Racist CalledFromPalmdale Satanic Racist [94]
Stanphill Quicky ItsOnlyAPrank Satanic Racist [95]
Sunday Quickies CommandoRunningMan Satanic Racist [96]
Tales of a Satanic, English Teaching, Intelligent Twin Brother deathskull99 Satanic Racist [97]
The Curse II & Curse III (No Background Music) ItsOnlyAPrank Satanic Racist [98]
The Cursed III ItsOnlyAPrank Satanic Racist [99]
The Curse II (Feat. English Teacher Again) ItsOnlyAPrank Satanic Racist [100]
The Curse of The Satanic Racist (Featuring English Teacher) ItsOnlyAPrank Satanic Racist [101]
The Delusions of The Satanic Racist Satanic Racist [102]
The Devil Calls Back ItsOnlyAPrank Satanic Racist [103]
The Prosecutor Calls Satanic Racist Satanic Racist [104]
The Satanic English Teacher (1) Pranktz Satanic Racist [105]
The Satanic English Teacher (2) Pranktz Satanic Racist [106]
The Satanic Racist Has A Conversation With A Prank Caller Whoruandwherdyoulive Satanic Racist [107]
The Satanic Racist Is Now Possessed By The Spirit of Chris Perron (3) Pranktz Satanic Racist [108]
The Satanic Racist Is Now Possessed By The Spirit of Chris Perron (2) Pranktz Satanic Racist [109]
The Satanic Racist Is Now Possessed By The Spirit of Chris Perron Pranktz Satanic Racist [110]
The Satanic Racist Wants To Give Tony His Credit Card Number Satanic Racist [111]
Valui Ad Satanam Invocandum (2.2 Seconds) Jack Inoff Satanic Racist [112]
Various Calls To Satanic Racist ItsOnlyAPrank Satanic Racist [113]
Voice Calls To Satanic Racist! Officer Rivieri Satanic Racist [114]
We Could All Use A Break From Bail Bondsman Calls Pranktz Satanic Racist [115]
Wesley Cocks and Satanic Racist's Father Calls ItsOnlyAPrank Satanic Racist [116]
Confused Old Lady and Incoming Call From Satanic Racist ItsOnlyAPrank Satanic Racist [117]
The Satanic Family Pranktz Satanic Racist [118]
Satanism In November ItsOnlyAPrank Satanic Racist [119]
"I got a dog here..." CalledFromPalmdale Satanic Racist [120]
Lou gives guitar lessons and makes his own holiday song (prankdial) PrankCallLibrary Satanic Racist [121]
An Hour with Satan, 1st Dec '14 Officer Rivieri Satanic Racist [122]
Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Discover? (Prank call to Lou) ItsOnlyAPrank Satanic Racist [123]
Checking up on Satanic Racist after SWAT attempt Officer Rivieri Satanic Racist [124]
Satanic Racist goes IRATE l (2015 BEST CALL) Julian 2015 Satanic Racist [125]
Satanic Racist Goes IRATE II 2015 Julian 2015 Satanic Racist [126]
Bail Bondsman calls some ashholeshhs FC2U Satanic Racist [127]
The Satanic Racist Calls His Son Pranktz Satanic Racist's Son [128]
Satanic Racist's Parents Are Lewd Satanic Racist's Parents [129]
Inpudicum vocat parentes eius Pranktz Satanic Racist's Parents [130]
Rick Calls Again Satanic Racist [131]
Arnold's Escort Wakes Lou Up ItsOnlyAPrank Satanic Racist [132]
Joan Dials The Wrong Number Dialtone Disasters Satanic Racist
Kyra Has a Brief Chat With Satanic Racist Dialtone Disasters Satanic Racist [133]


  • His nickname may be Stan, as evidenced in a call with his parents, Stan likely coming from his last name.
  • The Satanic Racist was one of the longest running victims whose true identites had not been discovered.
  • The Satanic Racist has become the longest running prank call victim of all time, with the first calls to him in 2008, exceeding the previous record-holders: Duncan, Tom the Pissed-Off Roofer, Jackass Plumber and Drug and Alcohol Lady.
  • The Satanic Racist's e-mail is listed on the alumni page for the Catholic High School for Boys, which he once attended.
  • Even though his nickname is "Satanic Racist", Stanphill claims to be a Christian. He has also denied hating black people, claiming that the callers manipulated what he said. Despite these claims, he was most likely lying.
  • The Satanic Racist has a daughter; Brittany (whether she uses her father's surname is unknown).

Calls to the Satanic Racist[edit]


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