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Rick the Mullet Man
Traditional depiction of Rick the Mullet Man


Prank Call Victim, Victim Soundboard

Real name



1961 (age 57–58)




House Springs, MO



Rick the Mullet Man was the victim of a series of prank-calls, victimized by the soundboards of Tom,[1] Tiesha,[1] Duncan,[1] the Black Guy,[2] Deputy Martin,[2] Satanic Racist[2], and the Drunk Guy.[3]

Since his debut, Rick has become one of the most popular soundboard victims, though his rise to fame has not been without controversy. His soundboard, laden with profanity, threats of death and violence, holds the infamous distinction of spurring multiple police investigations and short exposés of the Soundboard Prank-Call community on local FOX News channels.

The Rick soundboard disappeared from the Realm of Darkness website shortly after the latest FOX News fiasco, presumably to circumvent its irresponsible use by amateur callers.


Rick the Mullet Man a.k.a "AR-15 Man", has become known for threatening to drive to victims' homes in order to shoot them with an AR-15 rifle.[1] Little is known about his background, though he revealed he has a wife named Karen,[1] whom answered the phone during one of the early calls to their house. At the time of the original calls, he claimed to be 40 years of age, although it is believed he was actually 48. It is likely that he simply rounded off his age.

In the original call, believing Frank to be intoxicated, simply dialing the wrong . As the calls continued, his calmness disappeared as it was pushed to its breaking point.  Upon questioning Frank of his age and receiving "I don't know" in return, he lost hope of reasoning and went on his first of many tirades.[1]

He is heard to have racist tendencies, having referred to Barack Obama as a "nigger" in a call, ranting that he was going to get the prankster's "nigger-loving, whore wife" in another. Rick was expediently provided with his own victim soundboard, and ultimately superseded Tom the Pissed-Off Roofer's status as the second most-popular victim soundboard.

Rick no longer reacts in the same manner when pranksters call him. Because of this, it is speculated that when searching the Internet for Frank Garrett, Rick stumbled upon the prank-calling community, and subsequently learned of his own voice being used in prank calls. It is also believed Rick may be aware of the incident in February, 2010, using his voice. There are currently no known soundboard calls made to Rick since the originals in November, 2009, although contact was recently established with him again (see below).

Prank History[edit]

The first calls to Rick were made as part of a series by Thegoldenphone2, and were posted by Mr88Nismo, in which Rick harassed various people who had posted their home phone numbers on Craigslist ads. This included calls by Tom the Pissed Off Roofer, Duncan, and Tiesha. His reaction to Duncan was so strong that a set of follow-up calls with this soundboard were made, leading Rick to erroneously conclude that it was Frank who was behind the whole debacle. He even looked up the name "Frank Garrett" in a phone book, found that there was an individual by this name who lived at 11216 Burton Street, in Sugar Creek, Missouri, deciding this was the same Frank Garrett whom had been harassing him.

Other calls to Rick included a set of calls made by the Black Guy, Deputy Martin, and the Satanic Racist, and a one-shot call by the Drunk Guy. With the exception of the Officer Martin call (whom Rick believed to be a real cop and attempted to complain to about the harassment), Rick automatically assumed each time it was Frank calling him again. After being prank called multiple times, Rick eventually started to believe that he knew Frank on a personal level, as he would address the soundboards by first name (ex. "Look, Frank, I'm not going to put up with your bullshit, okay?"; "What am I going to do with you, Frank?")

The second set of calls to Rick using a Frank Garrett soundboard would become highly recognized for their stretch of unbroken dialogue and rapid-fire, heated, verbal exchange, (including the intentional stopping and starting of Duncan's infamous "Oh, go to hell..." line to create the stuttering effect that Rick angrily referenced).

A common tactic among pranksters is to have victims believe that Rick Moore's voice is actually Frank Garrett, using a quote from Rick saying Frank's name. Similar to how victim's get tricked into thinking the Arnold Schwarzenneger soundboard is a detective named John Kimble, this practice often misleads victims in establishing the identity of the soundboard or caller. While this is also standard practice with the soundboards of many other victims that were harassed by Frank's soundboard, it was the extreme and inflammatory nature of certain 'Rick the Mullet Man' prank calls that would result in Frank's name appearing on the evening news, in regards to controversies initiated by Rick's soundboard (see below for more details). This also causes Frank's name to be reported to the police even for prank calls that do not use the Duncan soundboard.

Hoosier remarks[edit]

Among his many diatribes, Rick notoriously and repeatedly called Frank (or whomever he thought was Frank) a "Hoosier." Although it is the commonly accepted - albeit unofficial - demonym of Indiana (such as in its state nickname, The Hoosier State), "Hoosier" is also used as a general epithet in parts of Missouri, including St. Louis, which Rick's town of High Ridge is just outside the greater Metropolitan Area of.

As evidenced by Rick's highly irate and scathing tone, "Hoosier" was intended as an insult, most likely meaning "white trash" or "redneck." He believed the Frank Garrett he was confronting would have understood it as such, though the real Frank Garrett, and even fellow Missourian, the Jackass Plumber, the latter of which is approximately a mere forty-five-minute drive northeast of Rick, (and about the same distance from the city of St. Louis), took Hoosier for its more universally known and literal usage. The remarks have also led to a more humorous twist, wherein images of Rick's depiction are transposed with, or even Photoshopped onto, the movie poster (or the home film's cover) for the 1986 Gene Hackman sports film, Hoosiers.


Owing to Rick's belligerent responses and the violent nature thereof, his soundboard itself is controversial. Use of the soundboard has resulted in a number of prank calls laced with screaming and threats of violence and death against victims. This has resulted in a number of controversial situations.

A Nightmare on Burton Street[edit]

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Following Rick's insistence that the Frank Garrett responsible for the harassment he endured lived at the Sugar Creek (Independence), Missouri, address of 11216 Burton Street, the aforementioned name and address were included in soundboards outside of privacy-conscious Realm of Darkness, and they featured heavily in a lengthy series of prank calls by Mr88Nismo and distributed by TheGoldenPhone, which ostensibly terrorized the street, culminating in the local Missouri Fox affiliate, in nearby Kansas City, addressing the harassment on the news in two short exposés, which exposed the general public to basic elements of the prank call community, and with Herb Soule, the Sugar Creek police chief, sending a stern warning, and causing many prank callers to temporarily flee YouTube, which furthermore deleted several other accounts.

Houston Police Incident[edit]

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Rick on FOX 26 Houston.

In 2011, an unknown prank call (speculated by some to have originated from a call made by European prank caller Beyondddddddd), called a Houston Police station with a Rick soundboard and threatened to "blow up" the police station, likely a misheard interpretation of Rick's "I'm gonna blow you away like lint" line. This incident sparked a fresh investigation into the prank call community, and once again, some pranksters closed their YouTube accounts or laid low until the "smoke blows over." The prank ended up on the Houston Fox affiliate, just as with the Burton Street prank calls.[4] Unlike the prior incident, this was more a grievous crime, as prank calls of a terrorist/threatening nature towards government organizations and emergency services, especially the police, can be regarded as a Federal offense.

Chillicothe, Missouri, Police Incident[edit]

Sometime during 2010 or 2011, a prank caller dialed the Chillicothe, Missouri, police department and threatened numerous people, including threatening to shoot two police officers, one of which was Sergeant Scott Chubick. It is believed that European prank caller Beyondddddddd was responsible for the calls. It is unclear as to what events transpired after these events, considering the caller had used the aforementioned "11216 Burton Street" address, attempting to trick Chubick into believing he resided in Sugar Creek. Whether or not these calls ever made local news, remains unknown.

Source of Rick's Depiction[edit]


The depiction of 'Rick the Mullet Man' is a Mini advertisement, which reads: "If we made Mini any cheaper, he'd be able to afford it." This is likely a redneck joke in relation to the income level of people with mullets. While it can be surmised that the picture was found via Internet-search for redneck pictures ("redneck" being something of a heavily applied moniker for prank-call victims), the tag of "The Mullet Man" likely originated in the fact that model in the original image, widely circulating the Internet, is commonly referred to as "(The) Mullet Man," even carrying its equivalent name in German on a photo-hosting site, and embedded and referred to as such, on a German message-board.

Recent years[edit]

On April 7th, 2013, YouTube user Billybob James, posted a video of driving past Rick's house

Rick's house as it appeared in the video

, in which he had hoped to capture the actual likeness of Rick. However, no one appeared to be there. About a month after the first video was published, another one was by the same YouTube user. Soon after the first video was posted, there were talks of a potential over-the-phone interview with Rick; however, one YouTube user suggested a do-or-die situation in which Rick's neighbors would be tormented with Rick's voice over the phone, until Rick acquiesced agreeing to the interview. blewis88 claimed to have called Rick's house about 20 times over the course of several weeks, but to no avail.

In February 2014, a Duncan Discussion forum-member discovered Rick the Mullet Man's phone number and new address, posting the link to it. Another forum member called Rick using a cell phone, and briefly talked to the victim about buying an AR-15. This would be the first call to Rick in over four years.

In November 2017, YouTube user Very Phishy posted a video of the Duncan soundboard talking with Rick (Or his son) with Rick simply saying "Wrong Number."

Possible Actual Likeness of Rick[edit]

The Hot Spot, a bar and night-club in High Ridge, Missouri, less than five minutes from Rick's house was the recipient of several prank phone calls in 2012 by MrPrankGarrett, whom had hopes to learn if the people who answered the phone recognized Rick's voice, but they failed to. Over a year prior to these calls being published, a user on YouTube; who presumably lives in or near High Ridge, posted a slideshow video of several people in the bar. This stirred hope that Rick may be in one of the pictures, but it has not yet been proven.


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