Perverted Indian

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Perverted Indian
Perverted Indian.png
Traditional Depiction of the Perverted Indian


Prank Call Victim


PC Planet telemarketer




early to-mid 20s





Perverted Indian (also known as Perverted Indian Telemarketer) is a prank call victim who was discovered by FC2U. He is an effeminate-sounding Indian telemarketer for PC Planet whose attempts to embarrass the prankster, mainly through obscenities about the FC2U's mother and sister, comicly backfired due to the victim's broken English. The original call is considered lost, however, two follow-up calls using the victim's soundboard were uploaded by SlightBloodierMargie in December 2012.[1][2]

That same month, MDopvveszZW used the soundboard to call a British Indian who was alleged by the Daily Mail of making obscene phone calls to a young woman.[3]


  • "This is John Smith."
  • "Fuck your sister...?"
  • "I'll fuck you son-of-bitch."
  • "Fuck you mother .. son-of-bitch."
  • "You bitch!"
  • "Hey you bitch."
  • "You sssooon of bitch."
  • "FUCK you son-of-bitch!"
  • "YOU'RE a bitch motherfucker."
  • "Did you fuck your Mom tonight?"
  • "I know you lick your Mom all the time."
  • "Yeah."
  • "Ahh..."
  • "Ohhh..."
  • "I wanna lick you baby."
  • "Baby let me lick you."
  • "Let me feel your tits baby."
  • "You got nice tits no..?"
  • "I will stick my sperm in you Mom's ass. Oh man, what a taste..."
  • "I wanna taste man..."
  • "It's you .. asshole! How are you?"
  • "Just get the fuck out of here."

Prank Calls[edit]

Date Title Caller Victim Notes Ref.
N/A Original call to Perverted Indian Perverted Indian Original call is considered lost.
N/A The Perverted Indian calls his own Company (2) FC2U Perverted Indian [1]
N/A The Perverted Indian calls his own Company (2) FC2U Perverted Indian [2]
December 21, 2012 Revenge calls inspired by the Daily Mail MDopvveszZW Male victim 2:57 [3]
August 3, 2013 SHUT UP Guy, Springfeel and many more SyntheticPranks Female victim [4]