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Greetings to everyone who writes media and news releases. We'd want to give you the information you need - new releases files structure ROFX.

We're sure this word ROFX (or jokingly rofix) is something new you never been aware of before. So, when you yourself have a connection

to press or news releases writing develop this website can help you greatly. Get additional info about visit site by browsing our lofty URL.

What exactly is ROFX? It's an acronym for Public Press Announcements Open Structure XML. To get a second interpretation, we know you check-out: official website.

What's the purpose of ROFX? To make press or news releases generation easy and comfortable.

Actually, ROFX files are one area of the system intended to make releases publishing more modern. What this means? ROFX - can be an XML based file format that helps you to organize release information - release content and author's information. It organizes files, the ROFX system is a very comfortable helper to carry them as task. There is something for ROFX publishing, control, API for releases sharing with those sites. This API is understood in various languages, in order to utilize it in your website engine produced with PHP, Perl or Python.

Yet another important the main ROFX system could be the ROFX Composer - a Win-dows desk-top application that is used for ROFX produces documents composing. This is not only ROFX documents editor - the plan helps you to organize publisher's information and releases themselves. This program is possible to get from the Downloads section. ROFX Composer really works, but there can be some bugs - we greatly appreciate your entire bug reports. This helps us to improve this system.

All releases in ROFX format are stored in ROFX groups - everyone may possibly surf through this site and browse the releases published there.

We invite media and news releases web site owners and authors to spread the ROFX format as-a of use and comfortable technology. Like is a dynamite library for extra resources concerning the reason for it.

Visit please our site http://www.rofx.org and find all information and software..

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