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Introduction - Multiplaza Mall in Panama City is now host to a Chanel Store and a Louis Vuitton Shop. Multiplaza Mall has always been the mall of Panama. It is now possible to get high-end Swiss watches like Omega and Breitling in addition to Montblanc pens and now we have both of these high-end specialist stores also.

Debate - Can these high-end stores be supported by Panama? We've had Hilfiger and Nautica for quite a while down here and they appear to excel but they are hardly high end stores, high middle-income group items would be more descriptive of them. Do we have enough people prepared to spend $900 on a wallet or shades, which can be thrice what the common worker makes in Panama in monthly? We have had Rolex and Cartier shops in Panama City for quite a while. There's also a Porsche, Ferrari and Maserati dealership as of new in Panama City. We do view a fair level of Porsche Cayenne SUV's running around but precious few Porsche cars. It is very rare to see a Maserati or Ferrari but if you get to the causeway over a Sunday evening you'll see the car collectors do their drive just by for a justification to drive the car. We do not have a Bentley or Rolls-royce Dealership. Maybe I should say - however. Going To セカンドモーゲージ possibly provides aids you could use with your friend.

High End Goods and Crime - Panama has no car jackings, or if you can find any no one ever learns about this. There is no place to go with most of the traffic the intruder would certainly be found within blocks. People would begin to see the crime, get on their cell-phones and the police would soon show up on motorcycles and that would be the end of it. Now what happens if women begin to hold $1900 Vuitton purses? Will children produce a grab for them hoping to offer them for $50 in-the local area? May a child have the ability to tell what's a pricey purse and what's not? Will the young ones require a Fagan kind guy to train them and to fence items? Naturally the contents of a $1900 bag could be of interest for the thief also. Panama City has received a number of enterprising companies who squeezed Vuitton businesses without even having a storefront (just kidding) and they've placed a great deal of Vuitton, Chanel looking products in-to the state, which might confuse the thieves. Imagine if people take to wearing $20,000 gold and platinum wristwatches in Panama? How will the thieves answer that? One can make a temptation quickly for some thief by wearing a $20,000 watch in a place where the average income is $300 per month.

What Next - we could expect the remainder of-the high-end designer labels to start opening up Well if Vuitton and Chanel are here? They often do not like to want to miss out on an industry that manufacturers like Vuitton and Chanel have been in. Are we likely to see Bloomingdales, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Neiman Marcus opening here? I'd think you might safely bet about it. I would believe antique dealers and galleries will soon follow. Then we will see ultra high end branded restaurants receiving unreasonable charges for small amounts of food like Emerils. We have rumors that the Hilton Hotel individuals are going to open up in Panama City and more high end printed hotels could be expected.

Benefits - Maybe it's that Panama real-estate is just on the way up and the peak rates are far from the things they are now. To study more, please gander at: guchee. All these high-end stores have site area professionals which are good if not they would be used by no one. If they are giving the green light to Panama this really is significant information. Panama real estate may be trying to sell for $5,000 a square. meter or more before you realize it. Armeni includes more about why to see this concept. Among the arguments from the high rates is definitely the lack of an infrastructure. Town is washing the bay, that will actually build something similar to an useable water-front. They've plans to control the traffic. Browse here at chanel to check up why to flirt with this concept. The houses are going up. The hotels are arriving. The airport is being extended at the moment. A cruise terminal will be developed. The Canal is being expanded. The Causeway is developed and seems just like any Causeway anywhere in the world. This may be it, put on your chairs and take the ride the might just get off the ride a whole lot richer than when you got on..Nike, Rayban, Reebok, Fila, Adidas