Little Girl

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The Little Girl is a relatively new victim and likely the youngest victim in soundboard prank call history. She was called often when first discovered in late 2011, but recently has only been called once or twice a month. She is almost exclusively called with the Drug & Alcohol Lady, however she was once called by a Santa Claus soundboard, who she believed was really Santa Claus and excitedly told her parents. She has come to recognize the Drug and Alcohol Lady's voice and even sometimes asks, "Is this the drug and alcohol lady again?" making her one of the few if not the only victim to accidentally call a soundboard by its community-given name. In the beginning she was quite humored by the calls, however, recently, she has grown less tolerant of the D&A Lady, telling her she's not in the mood to talk to her and even threatening to call the Power Rangers on her. She also screamed at Arnold Schwarzenegger when he called her an idiot, and threatened to punch him in the face. She was called by Mr. Rogers, and it was revealed she had a cat when she was a baby (Either by now, the cat is deceased, or was given away by her parents). She also threatened to shoot Mr. Rogers in the same call if she didn't get her cat back. By the end of the same call, she recognized Mr. Rogers' voice, and, aware that he is deceased (perhaps unusual for a child her age), asked how a dead person was calling her, indicating that she is becoming increasingly aware that these phone calls may be pranks. She also recognized Judge Judy's voice, claiming that her grandmother watches the show. Her parents rarely if ever answer the phone, leading many to assume that she is either left home alone or with a baby sitter during the day. Additionally, when questioned of the morality of prank calling a young child, the original caller claimed to know the girl's parents, so it is possible that the parents were aware of and okay with the calls as long as they were not taken too far.